Name: Agnes Vianzon, she/her/they/them

Home Mountain: Mammoth Mountain on the lands and waters of the Northern Paiute and the Eastern and Western Mono/Monache. I've spent my winters in Mammoth since 2001 and summers were spent mostly in the backcountry working for conservation corps or the National Park Service in wilderness areas around the state of California, but Mammoth has been my year-round home for about 8 years now.  

What I Ride: The Myth 

How Do You #ShredThePatriarchy: I believe in the power of the outdoors to provide a transformative experience so the way I #shredthepatriarchy is by elevating those around me mostly through the nonprofit I founded, the Eastern Sierra Conservation Corps. ESCC is a youth and young adult leadership and development program committed to building a more inclusive outdoor community. We do this through immersive experiences that are introductory backpacking trips or summer trail crews and recruit members and participants from priority populations. 

True Fact: I have an absurd tupperware collection but that is also because I love to cook, therefore, leftovers.  Pumped to be part of the Coalition Snow team! 


Name: Nia Brinkley, she/her/hers

Home Mountain: I'm a snowboard instructor at Steamboat in Colorado. I started teaching in 05-06 at Snow Trails, in my home state of Ohio. I passed my AASI (American Association of Snowboard Instructors) Level 3 certification in 2012, becoming the first Black woman in PSIA/AASI Central division history, and most likely the entire organization, to do so. 

What I Ride: I charge on the Coalition Snow Queen Bee snowboard

How Do You #ShredThePatriarchy: I #shredthepatriarchy by primarily reading books written by women, and by exercising my right to vote.

True Fact: On the snow, I'm also known for always wearing a Spongebob bandanna around my neck. I even have backups for when the colors start to fade after a few years. 


Name: Zy Luzander, they/them/theirs

Home Mountain: Cataloochee Ski Area in western North Carolina

What I Ride: I really love the Coalition Queen Bee because it provides unmatched stability and slices through east coast slush and ice like no other.

How I #ShredThePatriarchy: I #shredthepatriarchy by running a series of women’s snowboard events every year, designed to create a space where women feel empowered and celebrated in the snowboarding community. 

What I'm Passionate About: I’m currently working on my graphic design degree and work freelance doing media/marketing for various companies. I also run a women's snow and skate apparel company called ShredRebels.

True Fact: One funny thing about myself is that I cant go more than three months without changing my hair color. In the past nine months I’ve had green, blue, blonde, purple, and gray.


Name: Hana Saydek, they/them/theirs

Home Mountain: Okemo Mountain

What I Ski: SOS All Mountain Ski

How I #ShredthePatriarchy: Lol something about being a non-binary lesbian inherently short circuits the patriarchy.

What I'm Passionate About: Chasing anything that requires us to have each others' backs, anything with the wind surrounding me, anything that terrifies me and forces me to speak up.

True Fact: My leg hairs will be celebrating their second birthday on Sept. 21st, 2020. I truly adore them and will be hosting a celebration.


Name: Karen Ranieri, she/her/hers

Home Mountain: Arapahoe Basin in Summit County Colorado.

What I Ski: I have been skiing on Coalition skis since their first season. I am an investor in the company, and this is my 4th year as an ambassador. Trying to choose my favorite Coalition ski is so hard because I love them all! I spend most of my time on my La Nieve in the backcountry of Colorado.

What I'm Passionate About: I own my own consulting company implementing education strategies for medical device companies, but my passion is snow safety. This past May, I completed a two-year avalanche snow science program and am a certified Snow, Weather, and Avalanche technician. Additionally, I am an instructor for AIARE and I am dedicated to the education of backcountry users.

How I #ShredThePatriarchy: Shredding the patriarchy is something I do daily by promoting and encouraging everyone that they have a place in the outdoors. I constantly correct and take stock of my words and actions and am mindful to make sure that my language and actions are inclusive to everyone.

True Fact: A little-known fact about me is that I am terrified of driving over bridges! I get paralyzed with fear and I must do breathing exercises and turn off all sound until I am safely across!


Name: Raquel Vélez, she/her/hers

Home Mountain: Heavenly

What I Ski: The SOS

How I #ShredThePatriarchy: By defying stereotypes and working with others to do the same. 💪🏽

What I'm Passionate About: I'm the founder and CEO of Alpine Parrot, an outdoor apparel company that celebrates and encourages underrepresented people in the outdoors, mainly people of size and people of color.When I'm not running a small business, I can be found hiking in the tribal lands of the Washoe (known to many as Lake Tahoe, California) or flying down the mountains on her SOS skis when there's snow on the ground.

True Fact: I'm a lover of silly animal gifs. 


Name: Hannah Aram, she/they

Home Mountain: Cossall, Nottingham, UK - doesn't exist anymore, it was a dry ski slope about 50m long built on thousands of tonnes of toxic waste excavated from the old coal mines.

What I Ski: The Abyss

How I #ShredThePatriarchy: I #shredthepatriarchy by existing!

What I'm Passionate About: Art, skiing and activism, each intersect combining elements of the cerebral, physical and social and cannot be separated from one another.  The cerebral is where I dream new futures, the physical is where I embody those dreams and self-determination, the social is where I work with local and international communities on gender and disability issues to manifest change, justice and inclusion.

True Fact: I am known to sometimes spend days cooking a single vegetable, combining techniques to distill a mind-blowing elixir of flavour from a potato or tomato :-D


Name: Andrea Slusarski, she/her/hers

Home Mountain: Copper Mountain, CO

What I Ride: The Myth

How I #ShredThePatriarchy: I #shredthepatriarchy by SENDING IT. Whether on my board, bike, or metaphorically in the classroom. "Sending it" to me, means living & sharing my stoke to inspire others to do the same. 

What I'm Passionate About: My passions are in Creativity & Learning. As an Artist and Professor, I'm so thankful to live and explore these life-long passions through my professions. 

True Fact: My van, Vandalf, is named after one of my favorite wizards, Gandalf.


Name: Latasha Dunston, she/her/hers

Home Mountain: Loveland, CO 

What I Ride: Queen Bee All Mountain Snowboard

How I #ShredThePatriarchy: Showing up unapologetically myself in all spaces.
What I'm Passionate About: I am an artist, designer and muralist heavily inspired by nature and the black experience in America.

True Fact: I like to eat all the food on my plate proportionately, versus one at a time, or it just doesn't taste as good.

Name: Coral Taylor, she/her/hers

Home Mountains: Alpine Meadows and Alpine North, as well as the Tahoe backcountry. Boreal is the best for jibbing and half pipe fun.

What I Ride: My Myth snowboard has me covered, I consider it to be my quiver killer. (Although I also love the Queen Bee for powder and park days, and my Sojourner has set me free in the woods on many beautiful backcountry days). 
How I #ShredThePatriarchy: By encouraging humans to be their best selves, whether that's when I'm teaching mountain biking and yoga, getting my niece into rock climbing, mentoring young female engineers, or calling in people to have tough conversations about building an equitable and sustainable world. 

What I'm Passionate About: I am fortunate to work as an environmental engineer, where I get paid to fulfill my passion of helping communities improve access to clean safe drinking water and ensuring wastewater is handled appropriately before returning it back to the environment. I'm also a part-time yoga teacher and mountain bike coach; I love sharing my passions of connecting with the self and embodying FUN in a safe and healthy way. 

True Fact: I LOVE puns and "dad jokes" and try to celebrate #sundaypunday weekly. I also once won a biathlon which involved mountain biking and shooting targets; out of a deep field of three other people, it's a victory that I'll cherish forever (plus the stainless steel shot glasses I received are super rad).


Name: Natasha Buffo, she/her/hers

Home Mountain: I live full-time at Kirkwood Mountain Resort.

What I Ride: In the winter, I ride my Coalition Snow Queenbee All-Mountain snowboard, which drastically improved my confidence in powder and down chutes due to the amazing control and float.

How I #ShredThePatriarchy: I am an outspoken and driven leader at the resort, where one of my most proud achievements is an annual employee event called "Proud to be Me Week" focused on celebrating LGTBQIA, women identifying, and different cultures. The celebrations have included rainbow stickers, songs and food from around the world, and dress-up ladies' night trivia.

What I'm Passionate About: My main passion is writing and storytelling. My favorite creations are personal narratives of outdoor adventure used to explore and navigate depression, illness, caregiving, and grief.

True Fact: To help myself through these struggles, while also raising the spirits of those around her, I often dress up in costumes while snowboarding! Because of this, I'm known by the resort employees as The Kirkwood Cupid, Little Miss Sunshine, and Captain Fun.


Name: Sunnie Graves, she/her/hers

Home Mountain: Mammoth, California. These days you’ll catch me anywhere in the Rockies!? I ride copper and keystone mostly. 

What I Ride: My all time FAVORITE Coalition Snowboard is the Myth!!! It handles EVERYTHING!! Like legit. I make all my friends swap me boards at least once so they can try it!! They agree!

How I #ShredThePatriarchy: I #shredthepatriarchy by hosting women's events on the hill and spreading the stoke and showing that we shred hard!!! 

What I'm Passionate About: Snowboarding is my main passion! I love teaching others and enjoying exploring the WHOLE mountain in my winters! I enjoy hiking, rafting, taking others down the river, and just being outside in the summer!! 

True Fact: I was born with one kidney and didn’t learn that until almost a year ago lol.


Name: Jeanee Crane-Mauzy, she/her/hers 

Home Mountain: Park City, Utah. I have been a professional halfpipe skier skiing on the world tour since 2013. 

What I Ski: I ski the Coalition Roz G Halfpipe ski.

How I #shredthepatriarchy: My passion has always been to be true to myself with my love of fashion, outdoors, and sports. My statement is to always compete with red lipstick. My femininity adds to my strength. 

What I'm Passionate About: Coaching younger skiers.

True Fact: I am the third generation of women skiers in my family. My grandmother, Abigail Maccomber won the world cup tour in 1948. Skiing is literally in my blood. 


Name: Liz Toft, she/her/hers

Home Mountain: My home mountains in the west are Sun Valley & Grand Targhee. In the east my home indoor snow park is Big SNOW.

What I Ride: My East Coast board is the Queen Bee and my West Coast board is the WhoDis? Backcountry -- the Sojourner -- and acting like a fool -- the Shred Sled.

How I #ShredThePatriarchy: I stay shreddy, slashing down the patriarchy ideals with my crew. We hate the rules, so we break ‘em.

What I'm Passionate About: Admitted full blow snow addict. My time is spent creating snow and graffiti/street art content for You can find me #workingforthatsnow as a stagehand in NYC.

True Fact: I can fit my whole Samoan fist in my mouth. Which seems to be a talent no one wants to see… but just you wait world... #2021fistinmouth


Name: Evin Harris, she/her/hers

Home Mountain: Breckenridge, CO

What I Ride: I love my all mountain Myth for everything! I bring out the WhoDis? For freeriding competitions and bigger scary lines.

How I #ShredThePatriarchy: I bring out my old school office depot paper shredder 3,000... In addition to that, I take up space as a woman in cis male dominated spaces, ski school, the shop I work at,the half pipe (not well but you bet your ass I'm there) the top of a mountain and supporting other underrepresented genders in their experiences and journeys. 

What I'm Passionate About: I am an assistant manager at a helmet/goggle shop, my job title is headucator… I teach snowboarding and I make hand-stitched patches on hats and make masks. I am also a community organizer and educator in Breckenridge. I love to play! 

True Fact: One, among many, weird thing about me is that I love to eat beer salt and tajin by itself, lime flavored of course.


Name: Ione Gangoiti Perez, she/her/hers

Home Mountain: I born and rise in a small town in the Pyrenees Mountains in Spain. I moved to Canada for a season 8 years ago but and I am still living in British Columbia! Following my family legacy, I became ski instructor and coach and this is how I pay my bills and adventures, and I love to do this!

What I Ski: I have 2 favorites Coalition Snow skis: the SOS because I can easy play around every kind of snow and terrain and the Abyss that I like to use them when competitions because you can charge hard and they gonna handle everything! 

How I #ShredThePatriarchy: By showing other people what women are able to do. 

What I'm Passionate About: Skiing has been my passion since I can’t remember. I love horse riding and I can spend hours and hours painting landscapes. When I am not skiing I try to be traveling!

True Fact: Weird fact about me is that when I entry somewhere I need to exit from the same entry. Im a bit maniac!


Name: Ali Lev, she/her/hers

Home Mountain: I grew up skiing in the Wasatch Mountains in Salt Lake City but my home mountain now is Wy’east (Mount Hood), Oregon 

What I Ski: The La Nieve in a 168 cm

How I #ShredThePatriarchy: I mentor newcomers to the backcountry, teaching backcountry touring basics and offering a supportive hand in learning important skills. 

What I'm Passionate About: I’m passionate about skiing with womxn and learning and teaching new skills. I am equally as passionate about writing about topics that make people question that norm and broaden their outlook on the world. I enjoy sharing stories about womxn in the outdoors, mental health, and environmental and social justice issues. 

True Fact: I grew over 30 different types of fruits and vegetables in my garden this past summer.


Name: Jillian Raymond, she/her/hers

Home Mountain: My home mountains are the Sierra Nevada. I worship California skiing and appreciate all the Range of Light teaches me. At home on the west shore of Lake Tahoe I love to ride Homewood Mountain when I’m not touring in the backcountry. 

What I Ski: The La Nieve backcountry skis are my favorite! They have served me so well in the mountains, oh and with Coalition’s support, they were my ski design. 🔥

How I #ShredThePatriarchy: In my work as an educator, mother, and as the Co-creator of our Juicy Bits podcast.

What I'm Passionate About: Social justice is my main passion. I aim to do my best, and as I learn more, I do more and do it better. Rinse, repeat. Oh and the energy I get outdoors is the fuel to do the work! 

Fun Fact: I’ve skied on all 7 continents.


Name: Heidi Hoang, she/her/hers

Home Mountain: I call home mountain Mont Orford, Quebec, Canada because I lived in the Eastern Townships for almost 10 years and this is where I learned/improved my snowboarding and telemark skills. But for now, let’s say Sommet Edelweiss, Quebec, Canada and Mont Tremblant, Quebec, Canada.

What I Ride: Myth snowboard to ride glades and powder. Bliss skis to telemark on groomed and teach my kids on the bunny hill!!!

How I #ShredThePatriarchy: I’ve always made my place in a male dominated environment. I’m a mechanical engineer and I’ve defied many that were skeptical on my skills and on my way to achieve my goals. I’m a self-driven person and I’m not afraid to make my own choices. I learned from my mom and I’m also doing my best to be the image of a strong woman for my kids.

What I’m passionate About: I love my job; I work in maintenance and I can talk about CMMS and KPI all day long.

True Fact: I learned to speak English on a mining site in Nunavut where I worked for 7 years… Little I knew back then that my former boss was making fun of me teaching me all the bad words. Sorry in advance, if you ever meet me, my English is pretty rough!