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Community Care Sale: Putting Mutual Aid and Solidarity into Action

Community Care Sale: Putting Mutual Aid and Solidarity into Action

Leave it to the only feminist ski company to flip the script on traditional end-of-season sales on skis and snowboards. Our Community Care Sale–a revolutionary new model rooted in the principles of mutual aid and solidarity–puts the power in your hands to decide what you can pay for Coalition skis and snowboards, with higher offers unlocking lower prices for others. It's a bold experiment in creating an equitable, community-centered marketplace and we’re certainly up for the challenge. 

Now that we’re a little more than a month into the sale and have been listening to your feedback and fielding your questions, it’s time for a PSA about what this sale is and what it isn’t. 

📣 The Community Care Sale IS…

  • An initiative that embodies the principles of mutual aid–the practice of people taking care of each other through voluntary, reciprocal exchange of resources and support. Mutual aid is about building collective power and fostering solidarity.
  • A system of mutual support. When someone makes an offer above the threshold price, it unlocks lower prices for others, ensuring that people with more resources can help support those with less. This allows everyone in our community to access the winter gear they need, regardless of their financial situation.
  • Dependent upon your honesty to pay what you actually can afford. You’re the only person who knows that figure, and we’re trusting you submit a fair offer. 

📣 The Community Care Sale IS NOT…

  • Just a sale for those who are under-resourced–it relies on the generosity and solidarity of the entire community. When someone with financial means makes an offer above the minimum, they are directly enabling someone else to access the winter gear they need at a lower cost. This unlocking of lower prices is the key mechanism that makes the mutual aid model work. 
  • Charity–there are no applications, no impact reports due, no donations required. Some of you have supported this initiative with a financial contribution, and we welcome that to unlock more offers. Contact us to learn how to contribute. 
  • A place to devalue our work, our expertise, and our generosity. Don’t low-ball us hoping that we aren’t paying attention. 

Look, we get it. We live in a capitalistic society that is extractive and toxic. Corporate execs take advantage of their employees and consumers. There’s a real and warranted distrust of businesses. What we’re trying to do with the Community Care Sale (and let’s face it, our entire business) is show people that there is a different way to do business. We are real people and you are too and we can treat each other in a way that honors our humanity, connects us via shared values, and supports us in the practice of equity. The outdoors are for everyone, and together we can make that real rather than a cute, feel-good tagline. 

By participating in the Community Care Sale, you are not just making a purchase–you are investing in the well-being of our entire community. Your higher purchase helps lift up your neighbors and strengthens the resilience of our whole community. This is the power of solidarity in action. By coming together and looking out for one another, we can create a more just and equitable outdoor community. The Community Care Sale is a tangible example of these principles at work, and we are grateful to be able to be navigating this with you. 

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