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Supplier Code of Conduct


Coalition Snow is a women-owned and operated hard good snowsports brand that produces goods designed for women. Coalition Snow aims to help create a more diverse and inclusive snowsports community by supporting women in snow sports. 

The Coalition Snow Supplier Code of Conduct outlines the standards to be upheld throughout our supply chain concerning safe, healthy, and ethical working conditions. All suppliers who work with Coalition Snow will be upheld to our Code of Conduct. The scope of this document includes and extends to sub-suppliers and sub-contractors. The scope of this code also includes and extends to all workers whether permanent, temporary, agency workers, salaried, hourly paid, legal young workers (minors), part-time, night, and migrant workers. 

Coalition Snow Supplier Code of Conduct 

Labour Conditions and Human Rights 

Coalition Snow’s Labour standards are in accordance with The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and The ILO - International Labour Organization Standards. 

  1. i) Wages and Working Hours: We prioritize suppliers who maintain fair and equitable living standards through wages, benefits, and welfare programs. Employers must pay their workers wages equal to or more than the minimum wage in compliance with the legal requirements in said jurisdiction. We expect employers to compensate their employees for their overtime hours at the legally required wage. Employers must not require employees to exceed the legal number of regular working hours and overtime hours in a week and must comply with the legal standard of working hours per week. (ILO Conventions 1, 26, 30, 131) 
  2. ii) Slavery, Child Labor and Health, and Safety Conditions: There shall be no use of child labor or forced labor and no person shall perform work that is likely to compromise their health, safety, or morals. Suppliers will be upheld to maintain a safe and healthy work environment. (ILO Convention 29, 105, 138, 155, 182) 

Coalition Snow’s Environmental standards are in accordance with the standards of The UN Global Compact.

  1. i) Suppliers are all expected to uphold and maintain environmental laws and standards and shall be subject to sharing information regarding energy usage, waste management, carbon footprints, emissions, and climate initiatives. 

Coalition Snow’s Integrity standards are in accordance with the standards of the ILO - International Labour Organization Standards and The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

  1. i) Respect, Diversity, and Inclusion: We will prioritize suppliers who maintain a high level of respect for their employees and make efforts to expand diversity and inclusion within their work environment. 
  2. ii) Discrimination: All suppliers must uphold relevant human rights standards on discrimination and we require that no person shall be subject to any discrimination. Discrimination will not be tolerated on the basis of race, religion, sexual orientation, color, ethnicity, gender, age, physical or mental disability, illness, family care, marital status, caste, socio-economic situation, political opinion, or any other protected classification under relevant law. We require all suppliers to operate in a just and fair manner and uphold a zero-tolerance stance against discrimination. (ILO Conventions 100 and 111) 
  1. i) In the event of non-compliance Coalition Snow reserves the right to open up a discussion with suppliers to create a solution and action plan to remedy the violated section of the Supplier Code of Conduct. Please get in touch with us at Coalition Snow,, about any supplier violations regarding our Code of Conduct. We aim to remedy and resolve any and all violations brought to our attention. All information will be kept confidential. 


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