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    Making Women’s Gear That Doesn’t Suck

    People often ask us what makes a ski or board “women’s specific.”

    We could try to tell you our cores are made from tampons and the tears of fragile masculinity or that our mounting points will guarantee you’ll never blow out your knee but that’s not what really matters.

    The real secret to designing women’s gear is starting with women first. Women talk, we listen, we create. See, no two women want the same exact thing. In fact, the only thing that all women can agree on when it comes to gear is that we don’t like being pigeon-holed into the basic “women’s specific” stereotype.

    Here’s the thing the industry seems to be missing; there’s no such thing as the perfect women’s ski or snowboard. Gone are the days where a company can offer one women’s specific option among a myriad of “unisex” and “men’s” options.

    And that marketing jargon? We know you can read right through that shit. If the industry can’t do better we will. Time to say goodbye to watered-down, one-size-fits-all equipment and hello to the freedom of choice and the power of ownership.


    Deconstructing the Status Quo

    This isn’t just about skis and snowboards. Women don’t play on the sidelines. We know that doing anything “like a girl” or "bossy" isn’t an insult. We’re here to shine the spotlight on women who make their own rules. It’s time to stop humble bragging and start congratulating ourselves for being the badasses we are.

    Coalition Snow is changing the perception of women in sports, business, and society. We're breaking down walls, staking our claim, making our own rules, and carving out our place in this world.  Join us.


    The Women Behind the Shred

    We are a team of women from Reno - Lake Tahoe who knew we couldn’t sit around and wait for someone else to design the equipment we wanted. So we took things into our own hands and launched the world’s first company specializing in skis and snowboards designed by women, for women.

    Say hello to Jen Gurecki, CEO and Lauren Bello Okerman, Creative Director. Athlete and Ambassador info coming soon!

    Read all of the things that other people say about us here. 


    Coalition Snow Women's Skis and Snowboards