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    Your true north is your guiding principle.


    It’s what defines you. 


    What’s our true north? 

    We believe that women deserve watered-down the very best equipment on the planet. Equipment that sand bags helps them shine bright like the stars they are, advancing and perfecting with every turn. Equipment made by a company founded by women who dedicate a fraction 100% of their energy and resources on designing equipment that is based on perceived weaknesses amplifies the strengths of women. 


    Because like you, we’ve struggled to find gear that caters to our needs and helps us push our limits. We searched high and low for companies that prioritize and celebrate the successes of women.

    Coalition Snow started with a team of women from Lake Tahoe who knew we couldn’t sit around and wait for someone else to design the equipment that would help us push our limits, master our skills, and feel confident and alive on the mountain. So we took things into our own hands and launched the world’s first company specializing in high-performance skis and snowboards designed by women, for women. 

    Our mission is to put an end to the "shrink it and pink it" paradigm that has plagued the snow sports industry for far too long. Simply stated, we believe that women's skis and snowboards shouldn't suck.

    But this isn't just about skis and snowboards. We recognize that women don’t play on the sidelines. We’re here to shine the spotlight on the women who write their own stories, who know that doing anything “like a girl” isn’t an insult, and who strive to push their boundaries. Whether it’s bagging first descents or making your first turns on the bunny hill, we share your sense of adventure and desire to do more. Welcome to the #SisterhoodOfShred.

    Get to know our founders, our team, our athletes, and our ambassadors on Instagram. Come say hello to us at the Tahoe Mill Collective. Find our new line of skis at REI.


    Coalition Snow Women's Skis and Snowboards