• Full Send Session: Jenn Kriske of Machines For Freedom

    Join us as we go deep with the founder of Machines for Freedom, Jenn Kriske  We’ll be talking bikes, the biz, basic white b-dom, and everything in between. 
  • We Are Change Makers Summit

    We Are Change Makers is a virtual summit (because we're not allowed to have nice things in person) for people who want to move past comfortable conversations and into areas that require leaning hard into courage. This event is bringing together a passionate community of visionaries who are exploring everything from mindfulness and thought leadership to race to gender to truth and reconciliation. 

  • Resisting Bitch Face Workshop | October 21st

    Have you been told far too many times to smile? Are you exhausted with having to pretend that everything is ok? Is it time to level up your game face to show people that you don’t take shit sitting down? Whether you answered yes to one or more (or even zero) of these questions then this is the workshop for you.