Why Zebras Rule The World

There's been a lot of talk recently about why entrepreneurs should strive to zebras, not unicorns. You might be scratching your head, wondering what this is all about.

In the business world, unicorns are companies that have more than a $1 billion dollar valuation (think Uber, Facebook, and Airbnb). It's all the rage in Silicon Valley, and young entrepreneurs are chasing their tails trying to build the next unicorn company. But there's a movement that claims that it's our moral imperative to build zebra companies. (And we agree.)


Because zebra companies make profitable, sustainable products and services that benefit the social good. It’s not about rapid growth at all costs, about prioritizing your bottom line over social and environmental impacts, or about building another (dumb) app that solves all the wrong problems.

But it's challenging to build zebra companies. Female-founded businesses only get 4% of small business loans and 5% of venture capital funding. But we start 36% of businesses in the US and will create more than 5 million jobs by 2018.

That’s why we turned to crowdfunding. It is so important for female-founded businesses because the odds are stacked against us to raise traditional capital, particularly in the outdoor industry. Crowdfunding has democratized investing and allows people to be part of companies that they believe in. It means that we don’t have to sacrifice our values and that we can grow smartly and sustainably.

Coalition Snow is a zebra company and we have a simple ask of you: Support our Kickstarter campaign. As we’ve said before, this campaign isn’t just about skis and snowboards. By supporting this campaign, you are supporting female founders, helping to create more strong female role models, and building the type of society we are proud of.

Regardless of how much you give, you’ll get an awesome perk in return AND you’ll be helping to grow a female-founded company AND you’ll be building more equitable society. #winwinwin

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Image courtesy of Zebras Unite. Learn more about them here.