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Best Skis for Women of 2019

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Best Skis for Women of 2019

Have you ever found yourself growing tired of the winter season? Do you dread the colder weather? Do you sit inside and bemoan the fact that you’ve already seen all the good holiday movies three times? Well then, it sounds like you need a new winter hobby, and we think that new hobby might just be skiing! When you first dive into the world of snowsports, it can be a bit overwhelming to figure it all out. But you don’t need to fear! We’ve compiled a list of the best skis for women right here to help you sift through a handful of our very favorite skis.

Just ahead, we’ll demystify the makeup and features of the best skis on the market. Spend a little time with this list, and before you know it, you’ll be cruising down a mountain, the wind in your hair, and a sweet view of glistening snow-covered trees all around you. We can’t think of a better way to spend the winter season. So what are you waiting for? Check it out below!

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  1. Line Pandora 84 Skis
  2. Armada Victa 87 Ti
  3. Blizzard Black Pearl 88
  4. Icelantic Skis Maiden 111
  5. Black Crows Camox Birdie
  6. Coalition Snow SOS
  7. K2 Mindbender 106 Ti Alliance
  8. Nordica Santa Ana 100
  9. Faction Prodigy 2.0 X
  10. Volkl Kenja 88



Picture Name Terrain Weight Core Material Price Rating
Line Pandora 84 Skis Groomed 5 lb. 14 oz. Aspen $ 4.7
Armada Victa 87 Ti Powder 7 lb. 8 oz. Wood $ 4.8
Blizzard Black Pearl 88 Groomed and Powder 6 lb. 10 oz. Carbon Fiber $$ 4.6
Icelantic Skis Maiden 111 Powder 8 lb. 8 oz. Wood $$$ 4.6
Black Crows Camox Birdie Groomed and Powder 7 lb. 10 oz. Wood $$$ 4.6
Coalition Snow SOS Groomed And Powder 8 lb. 13 oz. Wood $$$ 4.9
K2 Mindbender 106 Ti Alliance Groomed and Powder 6 lb. 15 oz. Wood $$ 4.7
Nordica Santa Ana 100 Groomed And Powder 8 lb. 8 oz. Wood $$ 4.5
Faction Prodigy 2.0 X Groomed and Powder 6 lb. 13 oz. Wood $$ 4.3
Volkl Kenja 88 Groomed and Powder Unavailable Wood $$$ 4.6
Picture Name Terrain Weight Core Material Price Rating
Want to learn more about a technical term? Check out our Features Explained section below. Need buying advice? Take a look at these Things to Consider.


Line Pandora 84 Skis

  • Weight: 5 lb. 14 oz.
  • Tail Shape: Flat
  • Terrain: Groomed
  • Waist Width: 84 Millimeters
  • Core Material: Aspen
  • Tail Width: 110 Millimeters
  • Tip Width: 122 Millimeters
  • Lifted Tip And Tail Design Helps With Balance
  • Softer Tip and Sturdier Tail Aids in Power And Turning
  • Hella Sweet Ski Art


If you’re just getting your…skis underneath you when it comes to downhill snowsports, you may be sticking to the groomed trails at first. Groomed trails have been altered to ensure a smooth and uniform surface, making them a bit easier for beginners and less hardy skiers. The Line Pandora 84s were made for this type of trail.

Their lifted tip and tail design sends the bulk of your weight to the middle of the ski, which assists in balance and power while turning. The tip of this ski is built to make turn initiation easy, while the tail provides stability and control. It’s a great ski for those who just want to get the basics down! Invest in this ski and you’ll be surfing groomed terrain like waves on the beach in no time.

Armada Victa 87 Ti

  • Weight: 7 lb. 8 oz.
  • Tail Shape: Partial Twin
  • Terrain: Powder
  • Waist Width: 87 Millimeters
  • Core Material: Wood
  • Tail Width: 120 Millimeters
  • Tip Width: 129 Millimeters
  • Light Wood Core Is Built For Stability, Power, And Control On The Slopes
  • Special Heat Treatment Applied For Added Durability
  • Fastest Armada Ski On The Market


Speed Demons, look no further! This ski is built for you. It features a design that is specifically built for stability, control, and power even at high speeds, and the Comp-Series base-Armada’s fastest ski base-guarantees you’ll get there. Victa’s are made for varied terrain, so you’ll feel confident ripping it up on any part of the mountain. Their carbon and kevlar combo makeup ensure this ski’s longevity. The build also aids in that light, “bouncy” feel that so many skiers desire on the hill. The Armada Victa is sure to please those with a need for speed!

Blizzard Black Pearl 88

  • Weight: 6 lb. 10 oz.
  • Tail Shape: Flat
  • Terrain: Groomed and Powder
  • Waist Width: 88 Millimeters
  • Core Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Tail Width: 110 Millimeters
  • Tip Width: 126 Millimeters


Featuring a lightweight, yet high-performing cut, superior power and control, and premium turning capabilities, the Blizzard Black Pearl Ski is a great choice for someone who is looking to make a lot of growth as a skier on one set of skis. 

They are suitable for those just beginning as they are easy to control, but they’ll work well for intermediate and advanced skiers, too, as they are high-performing even at high speeds and varied snow conditions. That means that you can rely on these sweet puppies to be with you for a great number of years as your skills develop! The popularity of Blizzard skis on the mountain increases each year as they produce high-quality, high-value products.

Icelantic Skis Maiden 111

  • Weight: 8 lb. 8 oz.
  • Tail Shape: Partial Twin
  • Waist Belt: 111 Millimeters
  • Terrain: Powder
  • Core Material: Wood
  • Tail Width: 136 Millimeters
  • Tip Width: 146 Millimeters


There’s a reason these skis get our Best Powder Skis stamp of approval, and it’s not just because of their killer performance in blankets of fresh POW. All Icelantic skis are handmade in Denver, Colorado by the experts who know and love powder and powder conditions better than anyone else in the world. They are made wider than other skis and have lifted tips and tails to help them float over powder. Their poplar wood core is lightweight, but provides high stability while you cruise down the slopes. If you plan to ski in the Western United States or at some of the world’s larger mountains, these skis will rock your world.

Black Crows Camox Birdie

  • Weight: 7 lb. 10 oz.
  • Tail Shape: Partial Twin
  • Terrain: Groomed and Powder
  • Waist Width: 97 Millimeters
  • Core Material: Wood
  • Tail Width: 115 Millimeters
  • Tip Width: 127 Millimeters
  • Slightly Flexible In Order To Handle Various Terrain
  • Longer Than Average Edge Helps You Dig In And Turn
  • Ski Stays Stable Even At High Speeds


For those who like to get creative on the slopes – traversing different terrain and pushing the limits – we’re introducing the Camox Birdie’s from Black Crow. Inspired by freestyle skiing, these skis strikes a great balance between stiffness and controllability. They remain stable at speeds both slow and fast, have medium flexibility for premium turning capability, and feature specially designed edges that are built to dig in deep when you need it most. You can play with these medium-width skis all over the mountain as they’re made for fun!

Coalition Snow SOS

  • Weight: 8 lb. 13 oz.
  • Tail Shape: Partial Twin
  • Terrain: Groomed And Powder
  • Waist Width: 101 Millimeters
  • Core Material: Wood
  • Tail Width: 115 Millimeters
  • Tip Width: 126 Millimeters
  • Superior Control For Skiers Of All Levels
  • Superior Edges Give You Grip While Turning
  • Ski Designed To Turn Differently At Different Speeds For Constant Control


We love the Coalition Snow SOS Ski for a multitude of reasons! We think it is the best overall ski around. Offering superior control and turning abilities, this ski is a fabulous choice for skiers of all levels. With this ski, you are in control. The edges are designed to give you ultimate authority over your turn speed and size. The skis contact the snow with upturned tips to allow them to glide with grace on top of snow. Plus, a steazy decal never hurt anybody either!

One thing to note with SOS’s is that their upturned tips upturn fairly early compared to other skis, which means you’ll need to factor in a few extra inches for size. This can make hitting the hills slightly more difficult for brand new skiers, but if you have the determination to learn on them, these skis will last a lifetime and keep you happy in all sorts of terrain.

K2 Mindbender 106 Ti Alliance

  • Weight: 6 lb. 15 oz.
  • Tail Shape: Partial Twin
  • Terrain: Groomed and Powder
  • Waist Width: 106 Millimeters
  • Core Material: Wood
  • Tail Width: 124 Millimeters
  • Tip Width: 139 Millimeters
  • Ski Is Super Flexible To Maneuver Smoothly Through Varied Terrain
  • Angled Sidewall Increases The Ski’s Responsiveness To Your Movements
  • Stiffness Is Distributed Strategically Throughout Ski For Maximum Ease While Turning


The K2 Mindbender Ski makes skiing in tough conditions just a little bit easier. These medium-width skis have great flexibility and an angled sidewall, making them super responsive to your every move. Depending on where you plan to ski, ice and tougher conditions can be a significant difficulty factor. Especially if you’re just starting out, a super stable, yet flexible and responsive ski can make your experience on the mountain a lot better! These skis are a slick choice for beginners and intermediate skiers alike. If you’re just getting started, they’ll give you the confidence boost you need to achieve a higher level of skiing.

Nordica Santa Ana 100

  • Weight: 8 lb. 8 oz.
  • Tail Shape: Flat
  • Terrain: Groomed And Powder
  • Waist Width: 100 Millimeters
  • Core Material: Wood
  • Tail Width: 119 Millimeters
  • Tip Width: 131 Millimeters
  • Raised Tail And Tip Help This Ski “Float” On Top Of Snow
  • Designed For Superior “Edge Hold” To Maximize Control While Turning
  • “Sandwich” Core Design Combines Wood, Carbon, And Metal To Enhance Stability


The Turn: it’s the single most important move in skiing. So wouldn’t you want a pair of skis that is designed for premium turning capabilities? We sure would! And that’s why we urge you to take a look at the Nordica Santa Ana’s. These bad boys will have you surfing down the hill with ease. Their raised tip/tail design places the bulk of your weight directly underfoot to help you balance, and its special core makeup provides added stability. With these stellar skis, you’ll zig and zag nimbly down the hill while you confidently float over all kinds of terrain with power and confidence.

Faction Prodigy 2.0 X

  • Weight: 6 lb. 13 oz.
  • Tail Shape: Partial Twin
  • Terrain: Groomed and Powder
  • Waist Width: 96 Millimeters
  • Core Material: Wood
  • Tail Width: 112 Millimeters
  • Tip Width: 122 Millimeters
  • Ski Designed For Downhill Skiing With Playful/Freestyle Flair
  • Wood Core Designed For Premium Grip And Control
  • Anti-Chip And High-Resistance Treatment Boost Durability
  • Two-Year Warranty Included With Purchase


The Faction Prodigy 2.0’s are everything you’ve dreamed of in a multi-purpose ski. For those looking to strike a cross between downhill skiing and terrain park action, this is the ski for you! The Prodigy 2.0’s feature unbeatable grip and control to give you the power to carve like a maniac as well as conquer jumps and rails like a pro. 

The core of this ski is built to pop you right out of each turn and send you into the next quickly to maintain speed and stability. The outermost layer of this ski is designed to absorb shock so you can have a comfortable landing from jumps of any size. And as a bonus, these skis receive an anti-chip and high-resistance treatment to enhance their durability and keep you going strong year after year.

Volkl Kenja 88

  • Weight: Unavailable
  • Tail Shape: Flat
  • Terrain: Groomed and Powder
  • Waist Width: 88 Millimeters
  • Core Material: Wood
  • Tail Width: 111 Millimeters
  • Tip Width: 129 Millimeters
  • Frame Enforcements Add Stiffness In The Tip And Tail Area For Added Longevity
  • Carbon Tips Combined With Multiple Layers Of Wood Makes For A Controlled Ride
  • Built For Versatile Terrain


Want to tackle all kinds of terrain from groomed trails to straight powder? Want to hit the jumps and rails? Want to ski both forwards and backwards? Or maybe you just aren’t sure what kind of skier you want to be yet? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then the Volka Kenjas may just be the skis for you. 

The best thing about these versatile skis is that they are made to handle well in all sorts of snow and tailor to the needs of a wide range of skiers. Their multilayer, multimaterial core, carbon-protected tips, and rigid titanium frame work together to ensure stability and control. Take these skis anywhere across the mountain, and they’re sure to perform. With this investment, you can buy now and decide what kind of skier you’ll be later on.





Some skis are heavier than others! Light skis are, well, lighter, and therefore much easier to carry and move around when they aren’t on your feet. That’s an advantage, but it comes at the cost of being a bit more difficult to cut through heavy snow and rougher conditions.



The most recently released skis will always claim to be the best of the best, but they’ll come at a higher cost. Do your research and do not rule out past seasons’ models! They will come at a significant price reduction and can be just as good as this year’s skis. We’ve included skis from both last season and this season on this list.



Where will you be skiing most? Eastern U.S. ski slopes aren’t known for their powder, while on the other hand, Western U.S. ski slopes are. Many skis will work on lots of different terrain, but you should consider where you will be spending most of your time and go with a ski that is made for the kind of skiing you’ll be doing most.



Flexibility versus stiffness is an important consideration since a ski’s rigidity serves as one of the main indicators of the ski’s purpose. More flexible skis turn more easily and perform better on varied terrain like moguls or backcountry conditions. Stiff skis, though, tend to go faster and work great on consistent, smoother terrain.



You should use a number of factors to determine the proper height of your skis, including your height, weight, skiing style, and ability. Here’s more information from Backcountry on choosing the proper size ski



Tail type is one of the specs you’ll find here that helps define a ski’s purpose. The two most popular tail types on the market today are partial twin and flat. Partial twin tips are almost identical at the top of the ski and the bottom, and they allow the skier to ride backwards as well as forwards. Partial twin tips are generally a good pick for freestyle/terrain park skiers. Flat tips aren’t good for skiing backwards. They are found on what is called a directional ski. Directional skis are made with traditional downhill skiing and carving (turning) in mind.



Like most outdoor equipment, skis are available at many different price points. There are other costs to consider when purchasing skis – such as bindings and boots – and those costs can add up fast. That’s why this list gives you a variety of price points for high quality skis! With just a little browsing, you should be able to find a pair of skis that works for your wallet.



Check out this helpful article from REI expert advice for more information on choosing and buying skis.





Tip refers to the frontmost part of the ski (equivalent to the toes of your ski). Tail refers to the backmost part of the ski (like your heel). Waist refers to the middlemost part. The widths of these three areas are important because together they determine the ski shape, which ultimately defines its purpose. Check out this article to help determine which kind of ski shape is best for you and for information on the meaning of ski width.


The outermost layer on the sides of the ski, which can affect the ski’s responsiveness, stability, and control.


The main material the ski is made of.


Strips of metal that run along the sides of the ski. Edges are important for controlled turning.

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