Raising the Next Generation of Baddasses

Written by Emma Renly


Learn about how Coalition Snow Ambassador Katelynn Wagner is teaching the next generation of girls to knock down traditional gender roles and shred the patriarchy. 

Name: Katelynn Wagner 

Home Mountain: Greek Peak, NY 

Gear: Myth All-Mountain Board // Bliss Freestyle Ski


Katelynn Wagner is from a small ski town different than what you’d expect. She grew in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina skiing and riding at a small area called Sugar Mountain Resort which is open for long as it’s cold enough to make snow. During sophomore year of high school she became a Sugar Mountain instructor and continued it part-time until moving to New York. Currently, Katelynn is raising her daughter and the next generation of girls to shred the patriarchy as well.


Do you use any Coalition gear?

I’m on Coalition skis and board actually. I’m on the Myth board and the Bliss skis. They hold up on the ice really good and hold an edge really well. I was riding the board before becoming an ambassador and invested in the skis once my daughter decided to take up skiing.


How did you find out about Coalition Snow?

I first found their board and really liked their artwork. From there I looked into the company and fell in love with what they do and what they stand for.


I really appreciate that Coalition Snow is able to branch outside what a snowboard and ski brand would normally touch on. They’re hitting on the social issues that are really important and not enough people speak out about and stand up for. That’s one of the things that really drew me towards them - the boldness and speaking up for that stuff even if it’s not going to make you a ton of fans. They say what that needs to be said.


What does it mean for you to be an ambassador and raise your daughter on the same premise?

I really love branching out and teaching young girls to ski and snowboard. It’s one of the things I loved to do when I was an instructor. Especially with my daughter, seeing how confident she is after skiing, she really loves it. I have a few pairs of skis and snowboards that are kids sizes so I’ll take her friends up there and it gives them so much joy, confidence and independence to do this, especially at such a young age. You can never set them up for badassery too young!


I never want her to think there’s something she can’t do because she’s a girl. If there’s something she’s interested we go do it and she can do it. I think Coalition Snow really sends that message as well, so I’m really happy to be involved with them when they really push that issue.


Are you teaching here the phrase shred the patriarch? What does that mean to you? To her?

There becomes a fine line of pushing it past a level that she can understand. We talk about it when I see it. There have been a couple of times where people have made patriarch-type comments of her being a girl and a princess…. She’s grown up seeing the traditional gender roles in a household being reversed.


She hasn’t seen the patriarch but unfortunately one day I know she will. I try to have open conversations with her when they come up. At T-Ball someone said she can’t use the blue bat because she is a girl, and we immediately step in and say she can hit the ball with whatever bat she wants and she’s still going to hit it farther than you.


She’s been going into the park on skis, she’s just sliding on the boxes. Really everyone has been open and supportive but there have been some older guys who will say, 'Oh shouldn’t she be inside drinking a hot chocolate?’ and she will kind of snap back and say ‘Nope I’m good at skiing!’