One of the Brains Behind Colorado Shred Ladies

Written by Emma Renly


For the past few winter seasons, Coalition Snow Ambassador and SOS Coordinator Erika Norcross has been creating events and bringing together women snowboards to push their skills in the park through Colorado Shred Ladies. 


Name: Erika Norcross 

Home Mountain: Eldora, CO + Loveland, CO

Gear: Myth All-Mountain Snowboard // Queen Bee Snowboard

Instagram: @erikanorcross // @co_shredladies


Erika Norcross is a wedding coordinator by day and snowboard event coordinator day. Originally from the East Coast, Erika grew up spending her winters in Maine riding at Sugarloaf and Saddleback with only a handful of other girl snowboarders. A few years ago she made the move out to Colorado, where she has become part of the forefront of helping grow the front range community of women shredders in Colorado. 


Do you use any of the coalition gear?

I have a Myth and Queen Bee which I like a lot. I find them pretty similar for riding, both are really versatile for everything I need. I’ve been teaching for a few years so I do a lot of bumps, powder and groomers and ride the park a lot. The Myth is definitely a little stiffer than the Queen Bee, which has a lot of flex for riding park.


It looks like you’re quite involved in the snowboard community, on top of teaching lessons you also do Boarding for Breast Cancer?

Six or seven years ago I began volunteering for Ride for Breast Cancer at all their summer events in California and their winter events in Colorado. For the last two and a half seasons I also created all girls park events through our instagram handle @co_shredladies. We do meetups at different resorts and get women more comfortable in the park.


Tell me more about Colorado Shred Ladies.

When I first moved to Colorado three years ago I did one big event by myself at Copper to organize a bunch of ladies to ride together. I reached out to over 30 different companies to get swag to giveaway. I sold a bunch of raffle tickets which actually went to Boarding for Breast Cancer.


Two years ago one of my best friends, who’s part of the NeverSummer team, and I decided to tackle events together. The first year we did six events at six different mountains - Eldora, Loveland, Copper, Steamboat, Winter Park and Copper again, actually. It was a once-a-month event to get ladies together, shred the park and have a good time. When you’re riding by yourself in the park as a woman it’s pretty intimidating - but to be on the other side of that when you have twenty-five babes crushing, these men feel so intimidated. It’s freggin’ awesome. I know I have been able to throw way more tricks when I have women cheering me on.


How did you hear about Coalition Snow and become involved in that?

When I first moved to Colorado I was just looking for more ways to become involved in the snowboard industry. I wanted to find companies that I could represent and I’m mostly someone who likes to shop local, shop small and that definitely supports women. I then found Coalition!


For the last two seasons, I’ve also run the Sisterhood of Shred Facebook group for Colorado. It’s a lot to keep track with, but it translates what I do both off and on the mountain. It’s a lot of sharing what other women are doing, sharing events and getting women together. I’ve met a lot more people through that which is incredible.