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How To Choose The Best Snowboard: Coalition Snowboard Reviews By “The Good Ride”

How To Choose The Best Snowboard: Coalition Snowboard Reviews By “The Good Ride”

Coalition Snow x The Good Ride

Who is “The Good Ride”?

The Good Ride is an unsponsored snowboard buying guide that helps you get the best snowboard gear possible. They put together all the information you need to know when looking for the best snowboarding equipment. Whether you’re comparing models, prices, company info, snowboard graphics, specs, or all of the above, The Good Ride has you covered. 

What we like the best is that their reviews are real, based on their opinions, not their bank accounts. The writers (who you can check out here) are not paid to do the reviews and they, among a collective of other snowboard riders, all test out the gear to get a well-rounded and unbiased review. 

Whether you are a seasoned pro or a beginner buying your first board, the info is clear and digestible enough for anyone and everyone to understand. They actually specifically give good advice on how to choose the right size snowboard, which is something we get asked a lot. Steph Wilkerson, a writer for The Good Ride, wrote some great reviews for us, so check out our summaries below and follow the links to get to The Good Ride’s extensive reviews on the Sojourner,

the Queen Bee, and the Myth

The Sojourner

What do you need to know? 

Well, the Sojourner is an advanced-expert powder snowboard that thrives in the snow conditions it’s meant for— powder, ungroomed terrain, and the backcountry (it also comes in a splitboard)! The Good Rides said, “The Coalition Sojourner is a hard-charging powder board with a lot of directional float, taper, and a rocker profile.” Put simply, the Sojourner doesn’t mess around. Steph noted, “The Sojourner comes with a wider waist width than your average women’s snowboard. There are not very many mid-wide to wide snowboards available for women.” They recommend this board to anyone with a larger snowboard boot size and/or looking for a stable board for freeride and powder. 

Overall? “The Coalition Sojourner is a powder-loving snowboard that has a ton of stability and a lot of float. It might be good for a heavier snowboard rider with a larger snowboard boot size. It has a ton of stability and a wide waist width. You could either ride it in your normal board length for optimal float or even size it down a bit and get more maneuverability without sacrificing too much surface area on the snow. It also comes in a split board option!”

Read more here…

The Queen Bee 

What do you need to know? 

The Queen Bee is a versatile all-mountain snowboard that provides reliability and a fun day of snowboarding. Like the Soujoner, the wider waist creates more stability and accommodates a larger snowboard boot size. There is a good amount of flex to the board that makes it playful and forgiving, but not too much which allows a good amount of stability. The board is made to fit— if you are a smaller human-like Steph, the wider waist gives enough surface area to compensate for length, no need to size up on this snowboard. Steph gave the board a good review regarding consistency— the board does it all quite well, from carving to bumps to off-piste. 

Overall? “The Coalition Queen Bee is a stable all-mountain twin that can be ridden all over the resort. It would be great for those snowboard riders needing a mid-wide women’s board. Or for the snowboard riders looking for a stable all-mountain twin. It can handle just about anything and has a fun, playful side too. So if you are looking for a park board that can ride all mountain, or an all-mountain board that can ride the resort like a park, the Queen Bee can mix well with a lot of different riding styles.” 

Read more here…

The Myth 

What do you need to know? 

The Myth has a medium-stiff snowboard flex and it is an all-mountain snowboard that rides well in many different snow conditions. It’s noted as a mid-wide to wide snowboard for anyone looking for a specifically wide board. The wider base is also good for anyone with a larger snowboard boot size, or just anyone looking for more stability in uneven terrain and high speeds. The edge and hold on icy conditions were noted as quite good considering it has a hybrid rocker camber profile— basically it will do well in most conditions. The board is less playful than say, the Queen Bee, but that might depend on weight - Steph noted a heavier snowboard rider might feel more flex and playfulness than her (a lighter rider with a smaller foot). 

Overall? “​​The Myth is the type of board that you can ride in a lot of different snow conditions. It is one of those boards that are pretty good at a lot of things, but not necessarily an expert at anything. If your riding style has a little bit of everything mixed in, you might like the Myth. It would be a good all-over resort board for someone who likes to ride a little faster and wants a nice stable ride. It also has a wider waist width, which not many women’s boards do. So if you are a heavier snowboard rider or have a bigger boot size, the Myth could be a good fit as well.”

Read more here

Thanks for reading and thank you to The Good Ride, for the informative and great reviews. Ready to buy a Coalition snowboard? Be sure to check out the profiles for each of our snowboards on our website product pages. 

We also have some great resources on our site, like our snowboard size guide and a quiz to help you find the right snowboard. Still, have questions? Feel free to contact us here for more information. 



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