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Tips For Choosing The Right Snowboard Length

Tips For Choosing The Right Snowboard Length

Finding the right snowboard length is certainly more subjective than ski length because it has a lot more to do with personal preference than ski sizing does. That said, there still is a standard method that can be applied that accounts for your height, weight, rider ability, and type of terrain you enjoy.

In the charts below you will see that some recommendations include two possible sizes. Here’s what that means:

  • If you choose the shorter of the two recommendations you will get more maneuverability in the trees and off-piste (that’s a fancy way of saying off the groomed runs) while still being stable on-piste. 
  • If you go with the longer of the two recs, you will get more effective edge providing you with even greater stability when you’re just out for a nice day of carving groomers. 

In the charts below, find your ability level, height range, weight range, and then get your size recommendation.


These recommendations apply to our Queen BeeMyth, and Sojourner splitboard and solid. If you have any questions about a specific board, reach out to

Myth Recommendations

The Myth is a true twin all-mountain board with a playful dual-camber set-up. The rocker on the nose and tail and between the feet make this board torsionally very responsive. The traditional camber under your feet make it a bit stiffer directionally. What this ends up feeling like on snow is a quick initiation from turn to turn—making this board ideal for trees, bumps, and steeps. Don’t let the rocker parts fool you though—this board doesn’t joke around or lose its cool on icy days.

Myth size guide


Queen Bee Recommendations

The Queen Bee is also a true twin all-mountain board but with a more traditional camber profile. Early rise in the nose and tail make it softer directionally, and a little slower when making smaller turns. What this translates to is an ideal board for ripping carves on groomers, and a playful yet stable champion in the park. The traditional camber also makes it ideal for holding edge on firmer days.

Queen Bee size guide


Sojourner Recommendations

The Sojourner Solid is a dream in any amount of pow. The width and subtle rise of the nose refuses to let you down when things get heavy (or light). The radius actually made us shout in surprise at how responsive it is despite the width of the nose, and that edge will hold until you release it. Take the Sojourner Split into the backcountry and it will delight you in all the same ways while making the uphill an easier climb than boot packing. So depending on where you spend your powder days (in-bounds or OOO) you can’t go wrong with either.

Sojourner Solid Size Guide

Sojourner Splitboard Size Guide

As always, if you have any additional questions about snowboard length or our snowboards in general, reach out to where we are happy to help.


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