Up-N-Down Backcountry Hot Dog

  • $18.00

For the times when you wish the skin track was more like the ball park, the race track, or a day at Costco… Introducing the Coalition Snow Up-n-Down Dog ®, the world’s first Backcountry Hot Dog!

Yep, this is technical trail meat specifically formulated to meet the needs of even the heartiest partier on the hill, an organic grass-fed beef frank, made with our Up-n-Down anti-inflammatory spice mix, wrapped in a luscious buttered keto-friendly brioche bun, and topped with your choice of your favorite condiments! All the building blocks of nutrition to fuel your uphill rager! Close your eyes and you’ll swear you’re at Coney Island. Well, Coney Island in February.

Choose from our meat treats:

  • The Weight Weenie, for the non-committal Skimo snacker.
  • The Slog Dog, our Jumbo, sodium-laden, type II sweatfest of a snack.
  • And the Tree Hugger, our Vegan Sea Protein Based lunch treat, for the times when telling everyone you “ backcountry ski,” just isn’t enough.

Pro-tip. Pair with Tots and a Pickle. Mind the mustard.

Feeling hungry yet? We’ve made it easy to get your dog on:

DIY Dog: Keep your dog and condiments warm during your hike by carrying them close to your core in an inside pocket, in your armpit, or between your boobs, if you have them (recommended).

Doggy Drop-Off: We can meet you at the trailhead! Yes, teaming up with your questionable local delivery service, we offer contactless drop off. If you tell us the secret spot and time, we’ll show up like the party crashers we are!

Can’t get enough? Book our Up-N-Down “SnowDog” tracked-weinermobile for your next “cat” ski trip and blow up your secret stash with our secret sauce! Perfect for your next backcountry birthday, book club meeting, or gender reveal!

Frankly (hot dog pun) my party peeps, if you are one of the thousands left wondering why you picked up this infernal new hobby that seems to run on limited parking, single-file shuffling, fiddly bits, zig-zagging when you want just to go straight up, goddamn it, and that weird iron-y throat taste when you breathe too hard––don’t fret, grab an Up-N-Down Dog and put the fucking festival back in your sufferfest!

Get all of the details on our Up-N-Down Backcountry Dog here.

All funds raised through the Up-N-Down Backcountry Dog will support the Backcountry Indigenous Scholarship