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To wax or not to wax, that is the question

To wax or not to wax, that is the question

In some places the snow has begun to fall. The orange and red of changing Aspen blend into the white of the alpine. It’s romantic really. Until you remember that you left your skis in the back of your car all summer and your boots are sitting unbuckled beneath your champagne-soaked closing day outfit. Maybe you’ve got it more together than that, either way, it’s time to get those puppies ready for the lifts to roll and the skins to stick. 

First things first, locate all of your hard goods - skis or snowboards and boots. 

Know that you’ve found your boots, pull the liners out of your and let them see the light for a few days. Once the stench has cleared, maybe 3-5 days, you can put them back in. When you return your liner to the boot, double check that your winter orthotics are in there. If you have lace-ups, check the laces to be sure you won’t blow one heading to the start gate. Be sure to buckle your boots always - liners or not. The best way to maintain the integrity of your cherished ski boots is to buckle them at a medium tightness every time you get off the mountain. 

Now that your boots are properly cared for, let’s talk skis. Dust them and wipe with a moist rag. No need for chemicals, just clean them off. Avoid degreasers or detergent - if you do need a product, try a citrus solvent. As you are wiping them down, be sure not to forcefully spray water into the binding. Seriously, just a wipe will do. If you’re near a ski shop and don’t want to DIY, get yourself a base grind and wax. If you are doing it yourself, either give yourself a full edge tune or hit them with a deburrer. 

Once you’ve loved on your edges, treat your babies to a nice wax. When you are waxing, be sure to work from the tip of the ski to the tail for both wax application and scraping. Depending on your climate, this will dictate what temperature wax you use. Since there's still a bit until the season starts, throw on a generous layer of warm or all-season wax and do not remove it. Once ski season rolls around, you’ll scrape that wax off. If it is cooler out then, which it likely will be - throw on another coat of wax. If you’re not sure what temp to do, always go colder. Cold wax on warm snow is fine, warm wax on cold snow is a total day-ender. 

When you go to store your skis or snowboard, avoid using a ski strap, especially in an area with a lot of camber. Don’t hang them by their tips, just set them up in a neutral position in a cool dry place and leave them be. 

Now that your beauties are sleeping soundly, enjoy whatever seasonal activities come your way and dream of sweet sweet powder turns. Ski season is always right around the corner, so set yourself up to hit the slopes in good style. 

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