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Our Secret Sauce for Success In Winter Burnout

Our Secret Sauce for Success In Winter Burnout

Skiing and winter are core to who we are. Both Aprés Delight (our latest creation) and Coalition Snow are rooted in radical visions dreamt up on sunny chairlift rides and laughing down ice-luge skin tracks. Despite our love for cold smoke and beardcicles, we also know that winter can be really fucking rugged. 
With short days, cold nights, icy trails, and blackened toenails, some days it feels like winter is here just to kick our asses. As the seasons start to change, our determined thigh high tan lines fade underneath hearty denim and puffy jackets. The sun teases us as we drag our ski boot-exhausted feet to the office or maybe just to the kitchen—rising after our third cup of coffee and setting before we’ve had a chance to eat lunch. 
During the winter it can be easy to lose touch with ourselves, especially if you’re like us and always going, going, going. 5 am wake ups for skinning, work deadlines that come out of literally nowhere and chaotic holidays that push us off of our routine and toward the bottomless supply of homemade brownies. On the weekends we’re ripping laps on big lines until we can’t feel our quads and during the week we can hardly muster the mental capacity to peel an orange.
While skiing fresh powder and carving untracked corduroy can be a body and soul recharge, it can also leave us feeling even more worn down. So how do we combat winter burnout and find balance during this season? 
It’s really pretty simple. Take time for you—time to do whatever you want, however you want. Eating Ritz crackers and whip cream while googling photos of Pete Davidson or paging through the “1000 Best Instant Pot Recipes” cookbook while slowly massaging yourself with your Dame Aer. It’s ok to miss a bluebird day and watch the new season of Queer Eye. It’s ok to put your phone away at 7pm and leave some conversations hanging. It is ok to be sad or bored or tired or anti-social. And it’s even ok to curse the season that simultaneously brings us so much joy.
For us to be successful athletes, friends, partners, employees, etc, it is necessary to set aside a few minutes a day every day to just do you. Creating time to physically and emotionally connect with yourself will be the ultimate recharge and keep your fire stoked for the upcoming months. We are our best barometers, so when you feel yourself petering out, check in. What do you need right now? So often this question does not get asked. Take a minute and see what your body really needs. 
We’re not here to judge you or tell you how to chill. We are here to encourage you to take care of yourself so that you can shine. Yes, skiing and winter lights us up, but so does a quiet afternoon rub in the sun with a can of Limoncello La Croix and a few pumps of Aprés Delight.


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