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Meet the Artist: Christina Armetta

Meet Christina Armetta, also known as Walrus Baby Textiles, the gifted artist responsible for the enchanting designs on the 2023/2024 Sojourner Snowboard.

Christina's textiles and designs are inspired by locally sourced botanicals, dye plants, and repurposed food waste. Her creations demonstrate her connection with nature, and this shines through, especially on this year’s Sojourner snowboard. Keep reading to dive deeper into Christina's creative process and her remarkable work. 

J: Describe yourself as an artist in 3 words.

C: Colorful Nature Girlie

Jacinta: Can you share with us your name, pronouns, and what Coalition Snow skis or snowboard you ride?

Christina: My name is Christina Armetta, I use she/her pronouns, and I ride the Myth board from the 2016 line!

J: Can you tell me a little bit about who you are as an artist and your art as of late?

C: I created the graphics for the Sojourner. My inspiration was the feeling when you’re lying on a forest floor and scanning everything growing and moving around you. This to me is one of the most peaceful feelings to be still and observe. I am hoping that a lot of women cruise on this board catching that same moment of peace.

J: When you are creating, how do you get into the zone?

C: I get into the zone by listening to music I can bop to in my home studio. It’s a true joy!

J: Tell me a bit about your relationship with Coalition Snow, and what was special about this project in particular?

C: I have been designing snowboards for Coalition Snow for almost 10 years and loving it! This project was super special because I got to include mushrooms, which reminds me of the first board I designed for the 2014/15 line! Remember it?!

J: What are you passionate about in this world and how does that relate to the Myth graphic you created?

C: I am passionate about plants and textiles and have a little plant dye business called Walrus Baby Textiles. Check it out! This relates to the Sojourner board because I was able to include some of my favorite wildflowers. I hope you all love it! 



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