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Your Must-Have Checklists for Getting Down Outdoors

Your Must-Have Checklists for Getting Down Outdoors

While you don’t need a gear kit in order to enjoy sex in the outdoors, it helps to know what you could have at your disposal to make the experience safer and more fun. Below are a handful of items we recommend considering putting into your car or backpack:

Blanket or towel: For drying off after a post-sex rinse, or for creating a more comfortable experience if you’re laying on the ground.

Bandana, rag, or technical pee cloth: We recommend bringing a few of these to keep all of your reproductive parts happy after peeing or having sex.

Biodegradable soap or wipes: Because you never know what you’re going to need to clean up, exactly. And yes, we know, wipes aren’t the best for the environment. Neither is contracting a UTI.

UTI and yeast infection medicine: Every local pharmacy aisle will have these medications for UTI pain relief and yeast infection treatment. Keep both with you in a kit so you never have to be in pain while in the middle of the backcountry.

UTI, yeast infection, STI, and/or pregnancy test kit(s): The need for these kits can vary greatly person-to-person, but it’s worth noting that all of these kits are small, easy to travel with, and can get you results you need if you’re on the move and don’t have access to a regular clinic or doctor you trust.

Contraceptive & barrier method(s): We hope this one is obvious but hey,  if it doesn’t make the list, sometimes it gets forgotten about. Bring the barriers and contraception that work for your situation, as well as a plan to keep them intact. For condoms (internal and external) and dental dams especially, extreme heat or cold can tamper with their overall effectiveness.

Time to Get Out and Get It On

Just like any other outdoor activity, the more you know, the more you can be prepared and confident when you head into the unknown. So take this knowledge and use it for the safety, fun, and pleasure of yourself and others you might be getting down and dirty with outdoors. Print this handy checklist for the next time you're planning a sexy outdoor adventure.

Originally adapted from Good Lovin' Field Guide Vol. 1: The Down and Dirty Field Guide to Great Outdoor Sex written by Laura Borichevsky for Après Delight.


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