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Our Giving Tuesday Picks

Our Giving Tuesday Picks

Giving Tuesday is a day for us to celebrate the work of nonprofits and community based organizations and it's a reminder that one of the greatest gifts is giving back. That's why we've put together this list of our favorite sexual wellness nonprofits who are making the world safer and more equitable.


SHIP is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing culturally inclusive, medically accurate, and pleasure guided sexuality education, therapy, and professional training to adults. They are creating spaces that provide opportunities to engage in candid, shame-free conversations about sexuality and we are committed to building a more sexually literate society so that more of these spaces can exist. You have the power to make our vision a reality by helping them prepare, develop, and support the next generation of sexuality professionals.

The Effing Foundation for Sex-Positivity

The Effing Foundation for Sex-Positivity is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization whose mission is to reduce sexual shame and normalize conversations around human sexuality by fostering sex-positive art and education. They promote sexuality education and artistic expression of sexuality through programs that are inclusive of women (cisgender and transgender), people who are members of gender/(a)sexuality/relationship minorities, people of color, fat people, intersex people, people with disabilities (mental illness, chronic illness, cognitive disability or impairment, intellectual disability, and/or other physical disabilities), neurodiverse people, people who live at or below their state's poverty line, people who are currently or formerly sex workers, and/or people who are currently or formerly incarcerated.

In Our Own Voice: National Black Women’s Reproductive Justice Agenda 

In Our Own Voice: National Black Women’s Reproductive Justice Agenda is a national-state partnership focused on lifting up the voices of Black women leaders at the national and regional levels in our fight to secure Reproductive Justice for all women, femmes, and girls. Their eight strategic partners are Black Women for Wellness, Black Women’s Health Imperative, New Voices for Reproductive Justice, SisterLove, Inc. SisterReach, SPARK Reproductive Justice NOW, The Afiya Center and Women With A Vision. As a Reproductive Justice organization, they approach policy issues from a human rights perspective that incorporates the intersections of race, gender, class, sexual orientation and gender identity with the situational impacts of economics, politics and culture that make up the lived experiences of Black women in America.

Sex Workers Outreach Project-USA

Sex Workers Outreach Project-USA is a national grassroots social justice network dedicated to the fundamental human rights of sex workers and their communities, focusing on ending violence and stigma through education, community building, and advocacy. SWOP is committed to the safety, autonomy, and human rights of people in the sex trade, and stands in solidarity with the many social justice movements intersectional to our own, including but not limited to Black Lives Matter, disability rights, drug and immigration reform, gender equality and the LGBTQ movement, and the rights of the working class. 

The Center for Sex Positive Culture

The Center for Sex Positive Culture encourages the exploration and celebration of the many facets of human sexuality. Through an encompassing variety of events, created by and for its membership, the CSPC seeks to educate, to facilitate consensual open sexual expression and dialog, and to provide a venue for fellowship and community. As proponents of sex positive culture, we believe that the appropriate uses of sex extend beyond reproduction. They include creating personal pleasure, bonding interpersonal relationships, promoting spiritual growth, and enhancing emotional and physical health. In a sex positive world, everyone has the freedom and resources to pursue a fulfilling and empowering sex life.

The Woodhull Freedom Foundation

The Woodhull Freedom Foundation’s mission is to affirm sexual freedom as a fundamental human right. Woodhull envisions a world that recognizes sexual freedom as the fundamental human right of all individuals to develop and express their unique sexuality; to be personally autonomous with regard to bodily integrity and expression; and to enjoy sexual dignity, privacy, and consensual sexual expression without societal or governmental interference, coercion or stigmatization.


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