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Tips on Becoming an Outdoor Sex Logistical Pro

Tips on Becoming an Outdoor Sex Logistical Pro

Just like any outdoor experience, there are a few logistical details to consider to set yourself up for the best time possible—including what you do between the sheets (er, the leaves... or, you know,  wherever). Here are a few common, practical aspects of getting down and dirty in nature:


One thing you’ll want to consider is where you’re planning for your outdoor sexscapade to take place. Going back to consent, as well as the fantasies you might be playing out by yourself or with others—what kind of an experience is this, in your ideal world? Are you in a tent? Among the trees? Near water? In a slot canyon? At a mountain summit? On a beach? Consider the sensations you’re hoping to have while you’re out there. How do you want to feel? What do you want to smell?

Also, while it would be oh-so-convenient to know precisely where your best outdoor sex spot is, the reality is that many times, this just isn’t the case! Whether you’re somewhere new, or another camper already set up their spot, or there’s a storm coming in right when you were hoping to get hot and heavy, a willingness to improvise is essential to having a good time and rolling with it. After all, it’s all part of the adventure, right? That’s why knowing some of your ideal types of locations or outdoor elements you’re hoping to experience allows you to be flexible all while keeping your optimal sexual experiences in mind.


Stay in pre-trafficked areas. It might seem like a romantic idea to lay in a fresh bed of wildflowers, but we urge you to reconsider. Not only are large swaths of wildflowers a one-way ticket to getting bee stings anywhere and everywhere, but undisturbed wild spaces need to remain undisturbed for the environment, wildlife, and for the enjoyment of other visitors.

If you’re using condoms, lube, wipes, or anything else while you’re getting down, you’ll want to make sure you have a plan for microtrash. Bringing a small bag with you specifically for post-sex trash can make it easy to pack out anything you create. Alternatively, laying down a blanket, towel, or mat to create a barrier between you and the ground so that clean-up is as simple as folding everything up inside as you bask in the afterglow.

With the increasing risk of human-caused wildfires, setting up a campfire just to create some ambiance comes with a risk-to-reward ratio that’s just not worth it. So, without a campfire, do you opt for pure darkness? It can definitely heighten your other senses or be a fun element to incorporate into your nighttime sex if you’ve ever been interested in being blindfolded. At the same time, the complete darkness can sometimes feel scary, especially in the outdoors (and, on the opposite end of things for folks who typically use sight, being in the darkness can be inconvenient or less visually stimulating). Do a little research to know what phase the moon will be in, and consider bringing a small light, like a headlamp, to place nearby and create just enough light to have a good time.

Originally adapted from Good Lovin' Field Guide Vol. 1: The Down and Dirty Field Guide to Great Outdoor Sex written by Laura Borichevsky for Après Delight.


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