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The Perfect Lapdance Playlist Now Exists

The Perfect Lapdance Playlist Now Exists

Sometimes there's no better way to get your partner in the mood than putting on a lil show. We compiled all the best jams to wiggle, writhe, and gyrate to. Start with a floor show, get a chair involved, or sit your partner down for a more traditional performance. Whether you prefer to present in some sexy lingerie or in the nude, they'll be entranced by your excellent dirty dancing skills.

Our faves from the playlist

THIQUE by Beyoncé — If you haven't listened to her entire Renaissance album yet, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! Tbh the whole album makes you want to get up and move but THIQUE in particular had us ready to immediately take all our clothes off and get nasty.

DELITO by Nathy Peluso – Nathy Peluso, is perhaps one of most scrumdiddlyumptious people in rap today. We promise the second you listen to her, your inner, pardon my Spanish, chingona (bad bitch) comes out to play. Do yourself a favor and get Nathy on asap.

Cry to Me by Seal — This cover from the i c o n i c Dirty Dancing scene was a no brainer, if thinking about Jennifer Grey or Patrick Swayze helps you perform with this one, we won't judge.

Doin' It by LL Cool J — When we asked the team to share their favorite lapdance songs, no one was surprised that Jen Gurecki, our CEO, offered up a song that her current lover (who happens to be a former stripper) said was his favorite song. At least you know that this playlist has been tested among professionals and is sure to please.

Rock the Boat by Aaliyah — RIP to one of the greats. This song is a classic and was a perfect way to round out the end of the playlist where at this point, there should be some skin on skin happening, maybe the dancing has moved on to the better part of the evening....

Pony by Ginuwine — Do we really need to explain why this one is on there? You can't have a lapdance playlist without it, maybe you ask your partner to return the favor by giving YOU a show for this song ;)


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