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Sex Positive Influencers You Need To Be Following

Sex Positive Influencers You Need To Be Following

n the age of social media, we have influencers for everything, including sex. Why should we care? Because following them is an easy and safe way to open up the conversation on all things sex. 

Although we are in the age of feminist porn, sexual liberation, and shows like “Sex Education" popularized on Netflix, a lot of information about sex is still very taboo and not necessarily readily available. The approach many sex influencers take to end the stigma around sex, including its pleasures and problems, is not only informative, but it’s also empowering. So, for those of you who missed out on a comprehensive “talk” with your parents or sex-ed class at school, we have a list of people who will give you the 4-1-1 on everything you should know (but probably don’t) about sex. 


Yasmin Benoit (she/her)

Yasmin Benoit is the asexual activist. She started the UK’s first asexual rights initiative and educates about the asexual experience and discusses many questions people may ask about her sexuality and affirmed its existence. She is breaking ground by de-stigmatizing asexuality – to educate yourself or learn more about your sexuality, give her a follow here


Laura Borichevsky (she/they)

Laura Borichevsky is an outdoorsy sex educator. Through her podcast Sex Outside, the goal is to discuss sex, gender, and love by looking at its connection with nature. She is also the author of our Après Delight Good Lovin’ Field Guide, which covers all things sex outside, from the philosophical to the practical, this guide tells you all about sex and the outdoors. Check her out here.


The Pleasure Anarchist (she/her)

The Pleasure Anarchist is a sex educator who focuses on the sexual impacts of infertility and childlessness; a topic that is still often heavily stigmatized and quite taboo. She is open and upfront about her experiences with infertility and how this has made her question how infertility impacts our sexual nature. She has a formal background in feminist theory and human sexuality and uses this to discuss and teach about her niche of sexuality. Give her a follow here


Florence Bark (she/her)

Florence Bark is a “self, intimacy and relationship expert,” in the digital age. She is a content creator with a youtube channel, podcast, and social media feeds that provide advice and educational content through honesty and humor. Florence is an open and refreshing creator who uses her own experiences to help others. Check her out here


Ev'Yan Whitney (She/They)

Ev’Yan Whitney is a sex educator, author, and podcast host. They discuss all things sexual healing and liberation. They are a pleasure advocate and believe that everyone deserves sexual freedom. Check them out here


Raquel Savage (she/her)

Raquel Savage describes herself as, “a sex educator, therapist, and slut.” She belongs to various wellness groups and provides healing and therapy through them. She is also very active on social media about her sexuality, which is cool af. She has an OnlyFans page and talks about it online. She’s breaking down barriers and helping others do it too. Check her out here.  


Ericka Hart (she/they)

Ericka Hart is a sex educator, cancer survivor, Black, queer woman and so much more. She gained traction for her cancer awareness campaigns where she went topless in public showing off her mastectomy scars to create more representation of LGBTQIA+ and POC in breast cancer awareness. She is an inspirational and essential influencer, check her out here


Scotty Unfamous (she/her)

Scotty Unfamous creatively educates about sexual well-being, relationships, and pleasure. She mainly discusses many taboo topics like types of sex toys, STIs, orgasms, sex tips, and more. Check her out here


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