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Moan-Worthy Vibe Tips

Moan-Worthy Vibe Tips

Whether you are new to masturbation, are interested in adding toys into your sexual regime or have been vibing with the best of them since before you can remember, we’ve got some tricks and tips that are legendarily moan-worthy.  

First and foremost, what is a vibrator? Vibrators come in a variety of styles and can be used internally or externally. They are typically handheld devices that pulsate to varying degrees to enhance sexual pleasure. Here at Aprés Delight, we are big fans of the Dame vibrators

The best part about vibrators is that you can use them solo or with a consenting partner. There is no limit to the pleasure you can achieve when you open your mind during adult playtime. If you are interested in using toys with others and there are feelings involved, initiate a conversation to find what would make the experience positive for all. If your partner is hesitant, maybe they can borrow your toy and do some “homework” or you can use the vibrator together. At the end of the day, no one is being replaced. Adding sex machines into your repertoire is a choice and not a sign of weakness or inability. Life and sex and love are all just a big experiment and figuring out what makes us tick and/or drip is the greatest case study of all. 

Most people with vulvas require some kind of external stimulation to orgasm and vibrators in combination with CBD intimacy oil can be an exciting way to explore other sensations of sexual pleasure. Before taking it below the belt, vibrators can be used all over the body. An easy go-to is applying Aprés Delight to a vibrator (the pocket-sized Zee is a great option) and pulsating on the nipples and trailing down to the navel. Vibration around the inner thighs and panty line will also start building some heat. 

Now, let’s dive a little deeper.

The clitoris or clit, is the only organ in the body that solely exists for pleasure. The clitoris is an upside-down Y-shaped organ that can be between 7 and 11 centimeters long. This broad network of nerves and nerve endings can lead you down a road toward existential pleasure. 

The part of the clit that people are most familiar with is called the glans clitoris. It is densely packed with nerve endings and for many people, is incredibly responsive to external touch. Over the glans is the clitoral hood. Some prefer stimulation through the hood, while others prefer direct contact. To engage this area of the clit, apply a few drops of Aprés Delight CBD intimacy oil to the vibrator (we like to use the Pom, a flexible and waterproof vibe) or directly to the skin and move in small circular or lateral motions. The Pom has five patterns, five vibration settings and is also super flexible, so you can really find a position and pulsation pattern that is enjoyable. Don’t be afraid to switch up the intensity and vibration pattern as you play. 

If clitorial play is too intense, just above the glans and under the pubic mound is the clitoral body. This slope connects the parts of the clitoris that are deeper in the body to the externally facing clitoral glans. To find and activate this area, try massaging by moving up and down or holding the vibrator in place. Using the head of the Arc, a G-spot vibe with a clit stimulating ridge, is a great tool to really feel the vibrations. 

For vaginal penetration, apply some Aprés Delight CBD intimacy oil to the head of the Arc and slowly insert into the vagina. The varying intensities and patterns will stimulate other areas of the clitoris that are deeper inside the body. We will go deeper into the anatomy of the clitoris at a different time. For now, try rocking the Arc forward and back to engage the G-spot. 

For anal and prostate stimulation, you can massage around the rim or insert a well-lubricated vibrator (with a flared based) into the anus. If you are being vaginally penetrated simultaneously, play with matching the toys pulsation with your partner’s thrusts. Anal stimulation can also be a welcomed addition when someone is going down on you.

After play, and hours of cuddling and toe-curling eye contact, be sure to wash all of your toys. All of the Dame products are made with silicon, so the best practice is to rinse them in warm soapy water. If you are using other nonporous toys made of glass or pyrex, a warm soapy bath will suffice. If your toys are stainless steel, boil them for ten minutes or put them in the dishwasher. 

As you delve deeper into the world of vibrators, a few things to remember. First and foremost, use some form of lubrication. Aprés Delight can enhance any sexual experience, vibrating or not. And most importantly, sex and masturbation are supposed to feel good and be fun. If at any point you or your bedmates aren’t feeling the vibes, try something different. Sex and masturbation can connect you deeply to yourself and your partners, so let’s oil up and start exploring. 

Not sure which Dame vibe is best for you? Take their Quiz and find your vibe here.


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