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5 Sex-Positive Products To Start Your Sex-Positive Journey

5 Sex-Positive Products To Start Your Sex-Positive Journey

As the new year begins you may be wanting to explore your sexuality, but you’re not sure how or where to begin. A great place to start is by getting to know what sex-postive products are out there and learning how to introduce them into your sex life. Also, make sure to read our blog on sex-positive influencers for more sex tips and educational content. Since we know it’s hard to know or even imagine all the sex-positive products there are to choose from, we put together this list to help you get started. 

Dame Vibes 

A go-to sex-positive pleasure product for many is a vibrator. For us, the choice is always Dame. Dame Vibrators are innovative, safe, extremely pleasurable, and let's be real, super cute. The “Eva” couples vibrator is great for partners and the simple, yet powerful “Zee” vibe is great solo. 

Kula Cloth 

Kula Cloths, though generally marketed as a “pee cloth” for the outdoors, also makes a great après-sex towel. The Kula Cloth is silver-infused and has anti-bacterial properties making it self-cleaning. It’s also made with eco-friendly, non-toxic materials which is a must for your more intimate parts. Once more, we have an Apres Delight x Kula Cloth Good Lovin’ edition that you don’t want to miss out on. 


Unbound sells a plethora of sex-positive products that are always exciting to add to your personal collection. Head on over to their accessories page for some fun sex-positive activities like the “truth or dare” pleasure card game, or sex-positive products like the flexible silicone “cuffies” and the delicate gold “nipple and clit clamp.” Check out Unbound’s full website, and thank us later. 


Nixit is a revolutionary reusable menstrual cup that you can wear for up to 12 hours and works without suction so it’s safe for anyone with an IUD contraceptive, best of all it can be worn during sex for a mess-free period sex experience. While messy period sex can be great, the Nixit makes having sex in places like the outdoors or on hotel white linen a little more mess-free and stress-free, learn more about Nixit here.

Après Delight

Last but certainly not least we have to recommend Après Delight. We started AD because we believe in sexual wellness and believe in working to close the pleasure gap. Solo or with partners, our CBD oil-based intimacy oil is a treat. The CBD in Après Delight increases blood flow and ultimately leads to quicker, longer, and more intense orgasms. Need we say more? 

Another excellent way to be more sex-positive is to explore more places to have sex. If you are interested in outdoor sex, then be sure to check out our Good Lovin’ Field Guide that we created tseries to support the journeys you take on both in the outdoors and in your own skin. And for more on getting down in the outdoors check out our blogs on knowing the risksgetting down in the dirthow to stay fresh in the outdoors, and tips of being an outdoor sex logistical pro.

Thanks for reading, for more on pleasure products, check out our blog on how to use and choose pleasure products. And if you’re interested in learning more about the sex-positive movement read and follow these sex-positive influencers celebrating and educating on all things sex. We hope you feel that much more ready to embark on your sex-positive joruney this year.


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