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What Would Justice Look Like?

What Would Justice Look Like?

What would justice actually look like…

For Breonna Taylor, who was killed a year ago this week. Whose killers were not charged with any wrongdoing in her death, but instead only for the harm they could have caused to her neighbors.

For Sarah Everard, who was kidnapped and killed walking home, also by a police officer, but in this case, it wasn’t state-sanctioned. But telling women to say at home to stay safe, and the aggression toward protestors was.

And for the six Asian women (and two others) who were murdered by a young, white man, adding to a year of rampant anti-Asian rhetoric in this country and a recent rise in hate crimes against Asian Americans. But the killer was just having a bad day.

Justice is committing to building a world where these women aren’t headlines and aren’t memories. A world where they know they are safe, supported, and seen.

All too often we blame the people who are on the receiving end of this violence. They are the ones who shouldn't dress, speak, look, behave a certain way. We regulate their movement, their freedom, their full expression of themselves. If she just would have... then that wouldn't have happened to her...

Imagine how this narrative would change, how men's behavior would change, if we put an end to their impunity. If every law and every policy actually held them truly accountable. If we upended the systems that continue to uphold the power and privilege associated with being white and male (ie, white supremacy).

What will it take for us to see justice unfold rather than continue to fight for it?


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