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The Sale of the Century

The Sale of the Century

Reno, NV April 1, 2019—Broman, LLC, and funding partner Coopt, officially announced today that it has acquired Coalition Snow, the all-women’s ski and snowboard company, for an undisclosed amount. Broman purchased the brand as of March 8th, and immediately assumed full creative control as the two companies have begun cooperating through a 90-day business transition period.

Coalition Snow, founded by a team of women in the Reno/Tahoe region in 2014 and currently operated by CEO Jen Gurecki and Creative Director Lauren Bello Okerman, is one of the few snow sports companies in the world that invests 100% of its resources into women’s specific equipment and apparel. From their research and design, to the final product line, to their marketing and sales, Coalition Snow has forged their own path in the male-dominated snow sports industry, making high-performance equipment for and by women. Coalition Snow is known for its unique, bold, feminist style and appeal to outdoor enthusiasts who have been looking for a company that speaks smartly and respectfully to them and about them. Coalition Snow is more than a brand, however—they make exceptional, award winning equipment to boot.

“We’re thrilled about the partnership with Broman,” said Gurecki, who initially came up with the idea for the company while on a backcountry ski trip in 2013. “Despite the lack of press in major outdoor industry publications and our inability to secure a single sale with any of the 850 smaller outdoor speciality stores in the United States, we are proud that a team of men have finally validated our success in the industry.”

In 2015, former professional skier and and Olympian Bode Miller attempted to purchase Coalition Snow for $1 million in equity in his ski company, Bomber, on the CNBC reality television show Adventure Capitalists. “I wish that I would have offered them a legitimate deal at the time,” he said, reflecting on his decision. “They may not cater to the champagne and caviar clientele that we do at Bomber, but they’ve created something no one else in the industry has been able to replicate.”

Chad Animan, President of Broman, stated a cohesive plan for the brand. "Our goal, above all else, is to reinforce and maintain the integrity of the Coalition Snow brand. It has a strong narrative within the industry, one that many have tried duplicate unsuccessfully over the past few years as women have became the latest trend. We believe it is nearly impossible to authentically re-create this story without compensating women for their labor. Given that Equal Pay Day falls on April 2nd, we thought it would be time to start financially rewarding women for their significant contribution to snow sports.”

As Animan looks into the future, he says that Broman’s next target acquisition will be companies owned by people of color. “They really are the next big thing in the industry. The diversity, equity, and inclusion narrative that the industry is touting resonates with us as men because even though our skin color may be different, we really have a lot of the same experiences. By adding those brands to our portfolio, we could help shape their story in a way that is appealing to a broader audience.”

When asked to comment on whether or not Broman would look at bringing in brands founded and catering to trans and/or non-binary individuals, Animan responded with, “No, we’re just not there yet. We’d like to see how our POC brands perform before we take that leap.”

(Hot tip: Read it again and check the publication date.) 


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