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How to Ski Every Month of The Year

How to Ski Every Month of The Year

Listen, friends. It's time to acknowledge the fact that winter is almost over. I know, we hate to admit it too, but what can you do? You could take the advice of Powder Magazine's Sierra Davis and accept the inevitable with these tips for coping with the loss of winter. Or you can say fuck that, abandon any hint of common sense and keep shredding forever. 

Want to ski every month of the year? Hell yeah, you do. Coalition Snow Ambassador, Jillian Raymond is going to tell you how she gets it done from her home base in Tahoe.  

Get Adventurous 

Winter months are easy for finding our beloved turns.  Ride the lifts, hike the skin tracks, and make sure to count the turns we make down the road during huge dumps.  Whether you aim for 10  or a hundred we all know 1 turn is better than none!  

So what about summer and fall?  Don’t pack up your gear, and don't forget - the higher you get, the higher you get. 


Gain elevation at Mammoth Mountain. Remember what we said about getting high? The summit of Mammoth is just over 11,000 ft. If you haven’t spent a day down south enjoying Mammoth you're already blowing it. Put it on your radar for this year’s June turns and you’ll be stoked.  Chances are the resort is open and you can ride the lifts and burn laps until the 1 pm window when the snow turns to mush. (Ed note: We're headed to Beartooth Basin for MRA's Summer Shred Fest and #ExtremeFaceShots first summer demo event. See you there June 16-19).  


In Tahoe, we have ample opportunities for July turns.  A beloved classic is the 4th of July chutes in Blackwood Canyon.  A quick, but steep hike up from the Ellis Peak trailhead sets you up for narrow, spicy turns. The number of laps you commit to is up to you.   


SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE - DUH! I’d recommend the South Island of New Zealand or my personal favorite, Portillo in Chile.  You'll feel justified in counting the month of August as winter after ripping pow days and getting wind burn while shredding epic terrain. 

If the bank account won’t permit such an adventure don’t despair! A weekend road trip to Mount Hood or Mount Shasta will likely end with an ample corn harvest. If your wallet is totally empty consider patch skiing up on Carson Pass. 


Go Take a hike! Literally, go hiking with your ski gear up to Pyramid Peak or Carson Pass and chances are you’ll find turns.  Depending on the snow fall for the previous year you may find a five-hundred-foot patch or a fifteen but either way you can click in and slide on snow (thanks to this season's generous winter we're confident it'll be worth the sweat and tears)  Finally, don’t stress too much because October always brings the fresh (I am on year 13) and if not, Boreal Resort has got your back!  

Get out and get some! 



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