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Size Matters: How to Choose the Right Size Women's Snowboard

Size Matters: How to Choose the Right Size Women's Snowboard

Ready to drop some cold hard cash on a brand new whipstick, but not sure what size women's snowboard is right for you? Chill, we got you.

The old school rules state that you should just pick a board that falls somewhere between your chin and your nose and call it good, and in a pinch that will probably work just fine. However, there are a few more things to consider when choosing the right size. Your weight, riding style, and terrain preferences are all things to think about when picking a women's snowboard, but most importantly, remember it’s a matter of personal preference.

What is the right size women's snowboard for me?

Height and Weight

Despite the old school rule, weight is the first factor to look at when determining snowboard size. This is because your weight distribution across the surface area of the board will have the biggest impact on the way the board feels when you ride - and we know that two people of the height likely won’t weigh the same. In general, if the board is too long for your weight, it’ll be difficult to apply the right amount of pressure to flex the board making it feel hard to turn and control. Conversely if it’s too short for your weight, you’ll be able to overpower the board making it feel less stable.

While weight is the more important factor when it comes to choosing a snowboard, you’ll want to make sure you get something that offers a wide or narrow enough stance for your height. This is where the old rule about finding a board that’s comes up to between your chin or nose is helpful.

Terrain and Riding Style

Okay, so we’ve narrowed down a range of sizes based on height and weight but where do we go from there?  Ability level, and your riding style will help determine the next factors in choosing a women's snowboard.

If you’re just learning to snowboard, you’ll likely want to look for a shorter board. Smaller boards have a reduced swing weight which makes them easier to turn and maneuver around. Likewise, a shorter board will be more playful and responsive for riders lapping the terrain park, or jibbing around the mountain regardless of whether you’re a beginner or pro.

If your riding style tends to be more fast laps, steep runs, and big hits a longer board is going to feel more stable at speed and in rough terrain, it’ll float better in deep snow, and will have your back in the landing of jumps and cliffs.

Camber and Effective Edge on Women's Snowboards

The effective edge is the part of the snowboard that is in contact with the snow - essentially it’s the the length of the snowboard between where the tip and tail curves up. A traditional camber snowboard has a longer effective edge than a hybrid camber snowboard which usually has more of an upward curve in the tip and tail (referred to as early rise or rocker). A fully rockered snowboard has the least amount of effective edge, usually just a short section between boots.

A fully rockered, or hybrid camber snowboard with a shorter effective edge is going to feel shorter than a traditional camber snowboard so you’ll typically want to opt for a longer snowboard to make up for the difference.


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