Here at Coalition Snow we're quite well known for our advocacy around gender equity, but what is lesser known is we weave gender into our commitment to sustainability. For every ski or snowboard we sell, we pay women in rural Kenya to plant trees in collaboration with the non-profit Zawadisha*. 

We plant these trees in the rural, drought-stricken county of Taita-Taveta, an area where residents live the impacts of climate change each and every day. Planting trees in this part of the world makes a big difference:

  1. Reforesting with Indigenous trees helps to revitalize the land and encourage the rain, which is vital for people whose livelihoods depend on their ability to grow their own food. 
  2. The fruit trees they plant will bear fruit in two years, which both provide income generation and food for the entire household.
  3. Women are paid to train their peers on how to plant the trees, creating jobs in an area where few exist.

Our commitment to planting trees goes beyond offsetting our environmental impact. It's about deliberate actions that will help to make women's lives better, support vibrant under-resourced communities, and help repair the damage caused by deforestation. 

We're also proud to sponsor the We Are Change Makers summit, a now virtual event that brings together global thought leaders who will inspire and challenge us to think bigger, be better, and do the work. 

This event, which is the main fundraiser for Zawadisha, is designed for people who want to move past comfortable conversations and into areas that require leaning hard into courage. It’s for those of us who are committed to learning how to be better leaders, fighting for social justice, and fostering cultural and personal transformation. 

Learn more about We Are Change Makers here.

Want to learn more about our tree planting initiative? Send us a message here.

*Our CEO Jen Gurecki founded Zawadisha in 2013, and over the years we have worked with thousands of women, providing access to solar lamps, clean cookstoves, and rainwater tanks through our community lending model. Today Zawadisha is run by a team of Kenyan women who live in the communities where Zawadisha works.