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Juicy Bits Podcast

Do you love truth-telling and bold perspectives on society and the outdoors? Then this is the podcast for you.

Hosted by our CEO Jen Gurecki and Ambassador Jillian Raymond, Juicy Bits takes the conversations that we start out on the trail and on the chair lift and brings them to you in short episodes every few weeks.

Jen and Jillian talk candidly about everything from dude soup, to sex, to politics, to equity in the outdoors. They are known for dropping F-bombs, going off on wild tangents, and interviewing some of the most interesting people in the outdoors and beyond. They say things that many of us think but don’t feel comfortable saying out loud.

You can browse the latest Juicy Bits episodes below and subscribe wherever you love to listen to podcasts. Get ready to laugh, cry, and maybe pee your pants a little bit. 

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Making A Comeback

What happens when a decades-old outdoor apparel brand changes ownership and has to make a comeback? Bonie Shupe, Refounder at Ibex, knows the answer to this question all too well....

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Back At It

After our usual summer hiatus, we're back for Season 6 of Juicy Bits! In our first episode of the season, Jen and Jillian reflect on their least favorite season (summer,...

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Juicy Bits: Our Lens

When you close your eyes and imagine a skier or a snowboarder, what do you see? If you ask our guest Liz Toft, she'll share a perspective that is rarely...

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