Sisu Magazine | Issue 7 Lawful Bodies

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The theme of this issue is Lawful Bodies, and inside the pages of Sisu Magazine, we are exploring the systematic ways in which certain bodies have been deemed unlawful and unwelcome in society. Along with that, we are also celebrating these bodies and our own as we question social norms about body positivity, sexual health and intimacy, self-care, and joy. 


A very big THANK YOU to Merrell for making this issue possible.

Content & Contributors:

Eat, Drink, + Be Merry: Summer Strawberry Cobbler by Vanessa Barajas

Ask Jenny: 2gay2function by Jenny Bruso

Black Lives Matter & The Outdoors: Merrell Ambassadors Speak Out by Jenny Bruso, Latasha Dunston, Michelle Jackson-Saulters, Erin Parisi, and Mirna Valerio 

Sex Is An Adventure by Natasha Buffo

Nipplegate 2018: Finding Truth in Nudity by Olivia Fromm

Poetry in Motion: Dawn by Abbey Gordon

Shouting From Summits: A New Narrative for the Trans Community with Erin Parisi by Jennifer Gurecki

How Not To Do Sex Education Like a Basic Bitch by Kiona

Facing My Fear of Fear: Climbing with Anxiety by Rebecca Long

Front and Back Cover Artwork by Michaela MacPherson

Suspend Photography by Shoog McDaniel

At Odds with Myself: Traveling with a Mental Illness by Monica Nigon

Getting Down In The Dirt by Megan O'Dea

That’s What He Said: Sisu Does Satire by Andrew Pridgen

The Power of Affinity Spaces by Aparna Rajagopal-Durbin

Soulful Social Justice: Revisiting Your Reflection by Rachel Ricketts

Selfcare ≠ Selfcare: Selfcare Debunked by Samantha Romanowski featuring the artwork of Olivia Chase

Kid Deep: Moms Can & Will by Ryan Michelle Scavo

Making Climbing My Own by Hayden Seder

DIY Natural Dyes with Seawitches by Margaret Seelie 

The Trailer: Heading Outside Boldly by Ali Wines

Brand Roundup: Let’s Talk About Sex by Erica Zazo