Sisu Magazine | Issue 2 Grounded

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The theme of Issue Two is Grounded. Inside our contributors are exploring topics that everyone is talking about—such as substance-free experiences, to dealing with depression, to creating sacred and safe spaces—but often these conversations are whispers that are drowned out by a much larger and louder narrative that has become a pillar in the outdoors. Après following a day on the slopes and beers at the tailgate after a long ride. Summiting peaks, going big, and getting rad.

If that’s how you do the outdoors, you keep doing you. But if there is anything that we’ve learned over the years, it is that people experience the outdoors in very different ways. Those differences are not only stark and recognizable, they are valuable. They are helping to expand the perception of who plays in the outdoors, and why, and even what constitutes an outdoor experience.

Beyond exploring how we can become emotionally grounded by creating intentional spaces in the outdoors and talking about issues that have been incredibly stigmatized in our society, we also are examining the literal earth, from biodynamic farming to how we have created the concept of wilderness.


Contributors include:

Permission to Play by  Teal Stetson-Lee

The Evolution Of Dreams by Brie A. Moore Photos by Hans-Martin Kudlinski

Ask Jenny: Question and Answers About Life, the Outdoors, and Whatever by Jenny Bruso

An Indoor Girl On the Outdoors: The Park Ranger Is Gonna See Your Ass by Melanie Briggs 

Don't Just Talk About It by Kriste Peoples

Get Out + Get In by Julie Brown

Stoked and Awed to be Sober in the Backcountry by Sonya Pevzner Photo's by Loius Arevalo

No Boys Allowed by Alexandra Lev Photo by Kari Magnus

Losing a Limb: featuring Dr. Mary Jackson by Jennifer Gurecki

What's In My Pack by Andrea Slusarski

The Pitch Hoffgoods by Haleigh Hoff

Homemade and Handcrafted: Four Brands with Artisan Goods Built for any Adventure  by Erica Zazo

Whose Playground? by James Savage & Antony Koine Makumi 

Packing A New Perspective & Top 5 Tips for Traveling Across Africa by Jennifer Gurecki Photos by Jennifer Gurecki Artwork by Andrea Slusarski and Lauren Bello Okerman

Poetry In Motion: Conundrum by Sydney Zester

Self-Serving: A guide to self-care for your mind, body & soul by  Latasha Dunston

When The Cows Come Home by Tibby Plasse

Snowghosts of Our Friends by Lisa Slagle

Who's In Charge? by Lynsey Dyer

Be Seen by Devan Bridson

Clearing, Healing, and Planning by Samantha Romanowski

Financial Cents by Hsin-Cheng Kuo

Eat. Drink. + Be Merry: Limoncello ice cream by Vanessa Barajas

That's What He Said: Mansplaining Mansplained by Andrew Pridgen