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What Ski Is Right For Me? [infographic]

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What Ski Is Right For Me? [infographic]
With so many choices you're probably wondering what ski is right for you. Here's a simple breakdown to help get you started. Looking for more personalized help? Please fill out this form. 


Abyss Powder Ski

The Abyss Powder Ski is a true powder ski that is best suited for more advanced/expert skiers due to the stiff flex, width under foot (114mm), and length (173 or 180cm). You can read a review about the Abyss here on Blister Gear Review.

Bliss Freestyle Ski

The Bliss Freestyle Ski is the race car of the bunch. It is playful and fast, and because it has a twin tip, it's perfect for the park. This ski will not perform well in powder. 

La Nieve Backcountry Ski

The La Nieve Backcountry Ski was designed to be as nimble going up hill as it is going down. While you can use this ski at your favorite resort, it's not designed for icy or firm groomers.

Rafiki Powder Ski

The Rafiki Powder Ski is our most playful ski. We call it a powder ski because of how wide it is under foot (111mm), but it's really a solid ski even on groomers and in the trees, especially for someone who wants to make makes tighter turns.

Rebel All Mountain Ski

The Rebel All Mountain Ski is the perfect ski for carving. It handles well on moguls too! It has a small amount of rocker in the tip for powder days, but won't keep you afloat on big snow days. It's better suited for those East Coast powder days and for people who spend more time on groomers and moguls than off-piste in the powder. Read a detailed review from Pug Ski about the Rebel here.

SOS All Mountain Ski

The SOS All Mountain Ski is our best selling, award-winning all mountain ski. It is different from the Rebel in that it is wider under foot (101mm) and has more rocker in the tip and tail -- it will perform better in powder. It has a longer turning radius than the Rafiki so it will want to make bigger turns. Read a detailed review of the SOS from Pug Ski here.