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The Woman Behind The Best Ski Graphics

The Woman Behind The Best Ski Graphics

When we started Coalition Snow in 2014, we knew that we had to be bolder and we had to be better. From our ski designs and snowboard designs to our mission to make the outdoors more inclusive, we’ve always had a unique approach in snowsports. Our topsheet graphics are no exception. We’re known for having some of the best ski graphics and best snowboard graphics in the industry, so we thought you’d like to hear from the woman who has been designing our topsheets since Coalition Snow was first founded. Allow us to introduce you to the artistic mastermind behind our ski and snowboard art, our Creative Director Lauren Bello Okerman.

Who is Lauren Bello Okerman?

Lauren has been with Coalition Snow since the beginning as the Creative Director. In addition to designing and overseeing the artwork for all of our skis and snowboards, she works on the overall branding and marketing of Coalition. Lauren has created more than 30 ski and snowboard graphics for Coalition Snow over the years, earning her a spot in the Vermont Ski and Snowboard Museum, this feature from evo, and a spot on Curated’s Most Unique Graphics.

She is based in Truckee, CA and skis at Alpine Meadows and Palisades. In her spare time, Lauren skis on our SOS, Rafiki, and Rebel. She’s also the mother to Poppy the intern, who likes being an intern at Coalition Snow because they say interns don't have to work.


Jacinta: What is the inspiration behind the artwork on Coalition skis and snowboards?

Lauren: I am inspired by the incredible hues and light of the natural world, interesting composition, and edgy juxtaposition. I’m inspired by poetry, music, and dance, and by the cool things humans do when they are in a zone—artistically, intellectually, athletically, or otherwise.


Jacinta: What is the concept behind the 22/23 graphics?

Lauren: My concepts are always living in the world of graphic, colorful, and engaging! I like to put forth the fun and the unexpected. I love to tell a story, or create the elements of a story for others to put together, like a tall tale, or folk tale.

Jacinta: Why is making art for Coalition Snow meaningful?

Lauren: Making art for Coalition is meaningful because I believe in the brand and the mission, and I’m overwhelmingly honored to be able to contribute to that mission with my art and energy. Making art can often be personal and intimate, but making art for a brand is expansive and incredibly exciting!


Jacinta: What are some fun facts about your creative process?

Lauren: I spend a lot of time collecting source material that I may or may not ever look at again, but the process of gathering inspiration is a large part of my process! Lots of “found inspiration” from places I visit, and photos to jog the memory. I love happening on cool color combos that just “happen”, shadow patterns, and textures.

We hope you’ve loved getting to know Lauren and her amazing work. Check out her latest graphics here, and find Lauren on Instagram to keep up with all the awesome things she’s doing in the Tahoe/Truckee area and beyond.



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