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Who wins? Team Coalition or Team DHL?

Who wins? Team Coalition or Team DHL?

For those of you who missed last week's Lady Parts, here's what happened...

In less than two hours, the tone and content of this email radically shifted. The original subject line was meant to be "It's a Christmas Miracle" and I was going to gleefully share how our skis and snowboards are on their way and it's snowing and the world feels right again and God Bless Us, Everyone. 

Per the usual 2021 showed me who's boss. 

Just a few minutes ago I received an email detailing more delays. We may not receive our skis and snowboards until after the New Year, even though it's all in San Francisco.

Imagine knowing that nearly all of your inventory for the entire season is just a few hours away, and you can't access it. So many of you have been waiting months, our retail partners may not extend their deadlines for the fulfillment of purchase orders again, and the return requests are piling up... All of this is crushing us.

So let the hunger strike and chaining-to-whatever commence. Next week Sarah and I are headed to SFO to do what it takes to get our goods (ie. get arrested?). While we are there, I'm going to have Roxy issue all of you who are waiting for your skis and snowboards gift cards so that you have something to show for your patience. In our absence, Lauren will take command of Coalition, but we all know that her daughter Poppy is the real boss who's been in training to take my job since she could speak. 

I don't know what will make a better headline -- Desperate Dames Demand DHL Discharge DaGoods or World's Youngest CEO Takes Charge After Executives Arrested.

Until next week, when you find out if Team Coalition or Team DHL wins this battle... and Happy Holidays :)


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