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How to survive  backpacking and gain 10,000 Instagram followers

How to survive backpacking and gain 10,000 Instagram followers

Never been backpacking but always wanted to take some Instagram-worthy #mountainbabe #summitselfies? We got your back. Before you grab your cutest outfit, makeup kit, and professional photographer and head out into the wilderness to forage for your next 10,000 followers here are some tips for staying alive and more importantly, nailing the shot.

You’re going to freeze

Veteran backpackers often suggest finding gear that serves a multi-purpose use. Our favorite multi-purpose piece of gear is a tent. Not only will it serve as the perfect focal point in a scenic landscape shot, it’ll also protect you from the elements including unexpected rainstorms and creepy bugs that want to crawl into your sleeping bag.

Speaking of a sleeping bag – this is another necessary and multi-purpose piece of backpacking gear. A sleeping bag is a crucial prop for the POV shot of your feet in those super cute socks against the mountain lake just outside the door of your tent. It will also save you from freezing to death at night. Unless you like sleeping on the cold, hard ground we also recommend a sleeping pad. This probably won’t contribute to increasing your followers but coupled with a sleeping bag it will increase your chances of not freezing to death.

You’re going to starve

Everyone loves looking at pictures of food, especially when it’s composed outside and coupled with an inspirational quote from John Muir and the perfect filter. Unfortunately, there aren’t places to buy latte art and avocado toast in the backcountry so you’re going to have to get creative and make your own food.

Get a camp stove and whip up a cup of pour-over cowboy coffee and pair it with a bowl of oatmeal with some fruit or chocolate chips. Serve this with a spork in front of the sun rising above some majestic mountain range. Even John Muir would double tap that photo.

The water will make you shit yourself

There are some dark corners of the internet where poop rules, but don’t go there. This is a guide for Instagram not 4Chan. Flowing streams and alpine lakes are great for raking in the likes but the water isn’t always as fresh as it seems and drinking it could potentially land you in the hospital so bring a damn water filter. You’re not going to be able to respond to comments while you’re busy rehydrating via IV.

You’re going to get mauled by bears

This one is counter-intuitive because everyone knows cute animals get all the likes and let’s be honest bears are super cute. Unfortunately, bears and humans don’t cohabitate well so leave those shots to professional wildlife photographers.  Bears are definitely going to want to crash your scenic breakfast shot and rummage through your dinner left-overs but eventually, this will lead to the bear becoming dependent on humans for food which will lead to humans killing the bear which will lead to no more cute bear shots on Instagram and no one wants that. Get a bear bag and keep your food safe and your Instafeed full of cute bears.

You’re going to have to carry all that gear

Unless you’re cool with a bunch of basic bitches in the background of your shot you’re going to have to work to find the perfect, secluded, vista to set up your tent photo. That means you’re going to be carrying all this gear plus your makeup and outfit into the backcountry. Get a backpack. Not only will a backpack hold all of your gear but it’s an important prop for looking like a bad ass in trail photos.

You’re going to need a bigger paycheck (psyche!)

So now you’re probably thinking “Aw, man I don’t have all that gear. Maybe I should stick to gym selfies for Instagram fame.” Stop that. No one ever gained 10,000 followers by giving up. That’s why we’re excited to announce that Coalition Snow has partnered with The Camp Kit to offer year-round adventures.

The Camp Kit takes the hassle out of preparing for a camping trip by providing pre-packed backpacking and car camping kits delivered to your front door. Each kit includes the essentials listed in this guide plus more and can be custom tailored to fit your needs (professional photographer and makeup kits not included). When you’re done you pack the kit up and ship it back.

The Camp Kit is the sunshine to Coalition Snow’s pow day and it’s a company founded by more smart, bad-ass women who know that getting outside and being adventurous all year long is almost as important as getting #instafamous. (We fan girl’d The Camp Kit on our blog once before - check it out). For Coalition, working with The Camp Kit gives us the opportunity to connect with the summer-loving #SisterhoodOfShred and we’re excited to share our expertise on where to go and how to recreate in the Tahoe region (and beyond) with The Camp Kit.

Don’t let a lack of gear stop you from your next adventure. Visit and get what you need.  Use the code SNOWMELT for 10% off Memorial Day rentals.


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