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What is CBD Intimacy Oil?

What is CBD Intimacy Oil?

What is CBD Intimacy Oil?

Après Delight Delight is the premiere CBD intimacy oil, curated with a unique blend of 100% USDA certified organic and 100% natural aphrodisiac oils, including MCT Oil (aka fractionated coconut oil #science), full spectrum Vermont hemp Co2 extract, lavender oil, frankincense and clary sage. Our product is crafted in small batches by a team of badass women Vermonters. Après Delight Delight is also vegan and free of toxins and heavy metals. Most importantly, our intimacy oil meets our standards of potency and functionality and was independently purity tested on a handful of very lucky humans. 

But what does all of this mean?

Après Delight Delight is made from full spectrum hemp. There are two types of hemp: full and broad spectrum. Full spectrum hemp is the least processed extraction of hemp cannabinoids in the rawest form. It contains a “full spectrum” of compounds like terpenes, flavonoids, chlorophyll, and enzymes. Full spectrum CBD is sometimes called “whole-plant” oil because you get all of the goodness that comes from the hemp plant.⁠ Research shows that working with the whole plant can be more beneficial than isolating individual constituents as is the case in broad spectrum hemp. Full spectrum hemp takes advantage of what’s known as the entourage effect: activating numerous therapeutic benefits when all of the compounds in full spectrum CBD are able to work together. Full spectrum hemp, which Après Delight Delight utilizes for our product, has more benefits than broad spectrum products.

Après Delight helps you get wet, which can make penetration less painful and more enjoyable. If you do experience pain during sex, CBD can help, especially when applied topically to the vulva. Products like Après Delight can make sex more pleasurable by encouraging blood flow, which will increase sensation. ⁠Topicals are non-psychoactive, so you won’t get high like you do with edibles, vaping, or smoking. ⁠While there may be handcuffs in your bedside, the CBD that we use has a THC content of less than .3% in accordance with the US Federal Farm Bill of 2018 - so it’s also legal in the United States!⁠

Now that we’ve covered the #science, you might be wondering, how do I actually use Après Delight?

It’s pretty simple.⁠ Apply three pumps directly to your clitoris and the rest of your vulva and touch yourself (or have a partner touch you) the way you like it. You also can pump Après Delight onto your fingers and go to town on yourself or a partner.⁠ In about 15 minutes Après Delight will start to increase the blood flow, helping you and/or your human(s) orgasm more easily and more intensely. 

Beyond the nuts and bolts, the most important aspect of Après Delight is that it transcends the product and serves as a platform to talk about embracing our sexuality in whatever way feels right for us. Après Delight also reminds us that there are people around us who cherish us for who we are. ⁠Yes, it will also help you orgasm more easily, relieve dryness and alleviate discomfort before, during, and after sex. But this platform is to remind you that you are not alone wherever you are in your sexual pleasure journey. Enter Après Delight, a new way to end your day in pure delight.


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