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🌿 Sister Sage 🌿: Friendships IRL

🌿 Sister Sage 🌿: Friendships IRL

We saved the best for last. For our final week of 🌿 Sister Sage 🌿(a weekly roundup of advice and insights from our Ambassadors & Athletes into what we learned in the past decade because no one wants to go through that shit again), we're taking a closer look at friendships. And not the kinds that exist through likes and follows, but the real ones that matter.

Zy Luzader @Moonheavy: Patience and understanding should never be taken for granted. Especially for women, who so often experience trauma. It's so easy to develop unhealthy coping habits and methods for dealing with the differences that we may encounter in our friendships and relationships. I want to change that and grow and heal with my friends. I think we can interrupt trauma patterns and start a chain reaction of healing when we exercise patience and compassion when our friends do something we don’t like. Especially when you experience neglectful or abusive situations, it can be extremely hard to accept that the people in your life don’t mean you harm or hurt, but once you do you can view things from a place of love and communication instead of suspicion and defensiveness. That's when you start to build truly healthy and supportive friendships.

Coral Taylor @c_ros: Friends are so important, and having good friends is even more important. I wouldn't be the person I am or where I am today without the friends in my life. As I got older, I realized that my friends can be in different generations and have different interests, and it's really nice to get their different perspectives. Cheers, love, and gratitude to all of the friends out there.

Rachel Fortman @rachelfortman: Not every friendship is meant to last forever. It is okay to realize that you may have grown apart from someone, that a friendship has become toxic and no longer serves you in a good way or that simply it just wasn't the best person to be around. Friendships are so important but surrounding yourself with people who lift you up and help you grow outweighs toxicity. It's okay to realize that isn't the best situation for you, and to move forward without having anger and resentment. I always thought that I had to stay friends with someone just because I've known them for a long period of time. I know now that you can still be amicable and wish them nothing but the best. Prioritize surrounding yourself with the people that support you and will help you become a better you.

Lexie Gritlefeld @weekend.roamer: For me, making friends has been all about stoke. If you show stoke for what someone else is doing with their time, they likely will be stoked on you.

Jodi Redfield @jodiwankenobe: Friends are the best. It's been important to me to have many different groups of them: sports friends, guy friends, drink beer in the sun friends. Fill yourself up with these people and love them hard.

Robyn Goldsmith @scenesfromthetrail: If want to make friends with someone, tell them. Ask them to hang out. It might feel awkward to initiate, but chances are they'll be flattered, and friendship dates are fun!

Jennifer Ward @snoflake96156: Be friends with people who make the same effort!!

Heidi Hoang @hoang.heidi: Sometimes you reach a point in your life where you need a little cleanup in your friends. Everyone is busy, and we don't have time to waste for people you don't care about us. Make time for people who care for you and let go of the others.

Meaghan Greene @meaghanmichele: When friendships reach deeper depths, it can be emotionally exhausting for yourself or the other person. I have learned that you shouldn’t be sorry for how you are feeling, but you should respect the other person’s boundaries. We all need to take care of our own well-being. The best thing you can do for yourself and your friend is giving yourself the space you need.

Evin Harris @ev.schmev: Make time for your friends as much as you make for a significant other. Friendships between women are strong as hell and worth the world. Read the book "Text Me When You Get Home.”

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