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Protect Your P 🐱

Protect Your P 🐱

All signs point to the need for pretty radical change in this country, change that will only happen with a new administration. 

It’s the understatement of year to say that there is so much on the line when it comes to ensuring that we protect our environment, fight climate change, support workers, end human rights violations, manage COVID, stop authoritarian dictators, protect our pussies, and more. ⁠

We need a landslide victory for Biden/Harris on November 3rd, and we're looking at you to help make it happen. ⁠

Friends helping friends vote (+ holding each other accountable) is #1 most effective way to win THIS election. We're teaming up with Landslide to build our voting crew. It's a free, easy app that tracks impact and lets us work with our friends to make sure that they get out and vote. ⁠

If voting in a new administration isn't enough of a reward, we're going to sweeten the deal and give away a $150 gift card to the people who get the:⁠
✔️ Most vote commitments⁠
✔️ Most new voters⁠
✔️ Most battleground voters⁠
✔️ And if you get all three, we'll send you a pair of skis or a snowboard!⁠

It's super simple -- all you have to do is register with the link here and share with your community in the next 10 days so that we can vote out the president who doesn't want us to have nice things. 


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