I Am Everything | Affirmation Card Deck

Say no to negative self-talk with this deck of meditation and affirmation cards. 

Here’s how it works: Read the card—which starts with an "I am" statement—aloud to yourself, and let the words wash over you. Repeat the ritual daily, and you’ll start to notice little mental shifts. Before you know it, you’ll be rooting for you. Made in Missouri.

Ways to use the deck:

  • Light a candle, shuffle the deck, and pull a card.
  • Pick one card and read it every day for a month; meditate on the positivity, feel your self-love radiate. 
  • Shuffle the deck, pick one card to read every morning before starting your day. 
  • Pick a card to read at random when you're feeling down and in need of a pick-me-up. 

// Created by Tarisha Clark of I Am and Co, a Black and women-owned business

// Printed in the US.

// Cards are 2.75 x 4.75 inches

// 30 cards per pack