Whether you want to rent for a long holiday weekend or demo for a day to try before you buy, we're excited to get you on a pair of Coalition Snow skis or a snowboard. 
You can rent or demo our skis and snowboards out of our shop in Reno, NV and by appointment in Summit County, Colorado.

What makes renting/demoing at Coalition Snow different? 

1) You get to meet the women behind the brand. When was the last time you got to hug the people responsible for designing your favorite pair of skis or snowboard?

2) No mansplaining. Just lots of friendly, helpful conversations that make you feel good when you walk out the door. 

Our rentals and demos will start for the 21/22 season as soon as there is enough coverage and solid conditions at the resorts. And stay tuned for details on more demo locations this season. 


The Fine Print

// All reservations must be made AT LEAST 48 HOURS IN ADVANCE. 

// Please note that our entire line is not available to demo in every location. We apologize in advance and thank you for understanding that small businesses with two employees and one intern who is 3-years-old can't be everywhere at the same time.

// There is a $45 per day charge to rent directly from Coalition Snow that will be deducted from your purchase of a pair of skis or snowboards.