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Women Owned Gift Guide

Women Owned Gift Guide

To celebrate the start of winter we’re teaming up with Gearmunk to bring you 12 things that you can do this holiday season to support the women led and powered outdoor ecosystem. For Day 11, we've created a women-owned gift guide because we want to see more women in power.

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You know what we want? More women in power.

That would require us to actually spend money in their shops and cafes, vote for them, hire them, and pay them what they are worth despite the fact that they are over qualified, not qualified enough, loud, bossy, timid, weak, too smart, not smart enough, too fat, not curvy enough, black, brown, in their childbearing years, or over the age of 50. Did we miss anything here? 

You know the problem, right? We want to see women succeed, but we're not always willing to do what it takes. We'll raise our hands when you ask us if we support women, but for some, it's much harder to act. To open up our pocketbooks and make change with our hard earned cash, get out to the polls and vote, examine our hidden gender bias and strive to do better. And let's not forget that "woman" isn't just white or western or straight or cis-gendered or able bodied or young.

Idealism and our wishes doesn't get us very far without action. This holiday season we have choices on where we shop, where we dine, how we spend our money. 

Here's a list of the women-owned brands we carry at the Coalition Snow Clubhouse (and some on-line). This is a short list and there are so many other incredible women-owned brands, artists, and business owners out there who you can support this holiday season. Let's make shit happen for women today and every day.

Women Owned Brands & Artists You Can Find At the Coalition Clubhouse


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