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Meet the Artist: Lauren Bello Okerman

The process of creating the graphics for our skis and snowboards wouldn’t be possible without our in-house Creative Director Lauren Bello Okerman.

Lauren's put her artistic touch on more than 30 ski and snowboard graphics for Coalition Snow. Her talent, creativity, and grit has earned her a place of honor at the Vermont Ski and Snowboard Museumthis feature from Evo, and a spot on Curated’s Most Unique Graphics

It's hard to imagine that the graphics can get any better, but Lauren manages to surprise and wow us every year. This season, she's the creative mastermind behind the RafikiSOSRebel, Bliss, and Queen Bee graphics. 

Keep reading for another insider look from Jacinta Gordon into Lauren's creative process.

J: Can you share with us your name, pronouns, and what Coalition Snow skis or snowboard you ride?

Lauren: My Name Is Lauren Bello Okerman, I use she/her pronouns, and I ride the SOS, Rafiki, and Rebel, and looking forward to Riding the Lil' Yum Yum Nasty Snacks (whatever we are calling them). 

J: What is your relationship to Coalition Snow, and what does Coalition Snow mean to you?

L: I've been on the Coalition train since very nearly the beginning, first as a top sheet artist and then soon after as Creative Director. Coalition Snow is the most unique hard goods company on the globe, blending activism with athleticism, unwavering commitment to perspective, with an unwavering commitment to outdoor pursuits. Fundamental human rights with fun :)

J: What Coalition Snow graphic did you create, tell us about your inspiration and what it means to you…

L: My ski and board graphics for this season reflect the power of optimism, the spectrum of hope, and the energy of color! It's about embracing the intensity of the lived experience!

J: When you are creating, how do you get into the zone?

L: When I get in the zone, I've already started with a lot of creative warm-ups. Lots of looking at inspiring images, patterns, happenings - checking out the world around me. Usually, I troll for fun color combos or shapes! I have a lot of source material that I look through to get me warmed up - lots of books, magazines, past art experiments, and album covers.

Then when I sit down to create, I work on more than one composition at a time, and I work back and forth. I move around a lot, but I do a lot of creating in my bedroom, with tons of natural light and relative sanctuary. I'm a morning jammer, and then late at night too. I listen to sometimes podcasts, and then also usually women vocalists, or singer-songwriters. Too fast the tempo of a song and get a little spun out; too slow, I nap :).

J: What are you passionate about in this world and how does that relate to the graphics you designed for the 23/24 coalition snow lineup?

L: I'm passionate about embracing new opportunities as they emerge, seeking creative partnerships and possibilities, leaning into big dreams, and trying new things, all the new things! I love acknowledging the tried and true, and embracing the new! I hope this can be seen in every piece of work I put into the universe, not just this season's graphics. As I get older, I get bolder! 



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