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An Ode To Summer

Oh summer, is it fair

That during your reign, we hibernate

Shielding ourselves from the giant fireball in the sky

Only getting hotter, your kryptonite-like power


Thighs sticking together

Then sticking to everything else

Wondering if we peed the bed or if it's just sweat

You make all things moist


Forcing us to chill red wine

Remove body hair

Wear shorts

It must be summer seasonal disorder



Fuck those things

And ticks

Fuck those things too


Wildfires, wildfires

The apocalypse outside

Too many nipples that aren't ours

Sunburn all over your body, not just your face





Need I say more


~ Written by Jen Gurecki, in her underwear on a hot summer day in Reno, sweat on her upper brow and other places no one needs to know about


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