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You Should Be Skiing Longer Skis — Here’s Why

You Should Be Skiing Longer Skis — Here’s Why

As we get stoked for this winter season, many of us start considering if a pair of new skis is in the cards. While choosing a new pair of skis is always exciting, it can also be difficult. There is a lot to consider—length, size, and conditions. Cue us: Coalition Snow. We’re here to help you find the perfect ski for shredding pow and the patriarchy.


Size Matters

When helping you choose the right size ski, we are focused on how you can have the best experience on the mountain. A common concern we hear from women who are considering buying our skis is that they are too long. Though longer skis are typically best for experienced riders, many women are told (by many ski bros in ski shops) that they need a shorter ski than they actually do. Why? Because in the ski industry there is a long-standing narrative that women aren't as strong or skilled as men, and therefore need shorter skis. However, what you need is a ski that is the right size for your height, weight, skier ability, and terrain preferences. It has nothing to do with your gender or sex. And with the changes in ski technology (oh hello rocker), you don't really need to size down.

We understand there is a lack of clear information out there, so we’ve answered some of the most common questions and misconceptions about ski lengths and what skis you should be buying. 


Short Skis vs Long Skis 

While there are benefits to shorter skis—generally they turn more easily, you have more control and they are generally easier to handle—they do not give you the best ski experience possible. If you are a beginner skier, a shorter ski might make a little more sense. However, for an intermediate to advanced skier, the additional length is a huge benefit. Longer skis allow for more stability, faster and more aggressive skiing, and ultimately can actually be more forgiving if you are skiing at an intermediate or advanced level. 


In general, why do we suggest a longer ski?

Longer skis give you more stability and once you get used to them you are able to do everything you could do on your shorter skis but more fluidly. If you are anything further than a beginner skier, you’d be surprised at how quickly you get used to the longer ski. For many women, this can really boost confidence to ski the terrain you want to ski.


You also have to consider the ski design. Take our SOS skis for example. They are built with so much rocker in the tip and tail, that there’s a less effective edge (the part of the edge that touches the snow). That means that it skis around 6cm shorter than its actual length. The ski is designed to be more stable, responsive, and forgiving even in slightly longer lengths. So while you might be used to skiing on something in a low 150, the 157 is actually the right size for you because of the shortened effective edge. 


What if I prefer a shorter ski?

Even if you prefer a shorter ski, with Coalition skis you should still consider going a little bit longer than perhaps you would think on our skis due to the design. We don’t make short skis on purpose, and we have skis for all heights and levels, beginner to advanced. 


What size should I ride?

We are so glad you asked. Head on over to our blog on choosing the right ski size, with a detailed description of all our skis, ski lengths, build, and which size is right for you. And if you’re wondering what coalition ski is best suited to you, check out our blog and quiz on how to choose the best Coalition Snow ski for you!


Still have questions? Please contact us and we’d be happy to help.



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