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It's Not How We Ski, It's Why: Our Core Values

It's Not How We Ski, It's Why: Our Core Values

We’re… different. No, no, it’s ok to say that out loud.

If we slid on snow the same way, ran our business the same way, showed up in the world the same way, there would be no reason for us to exist. Sadly, many skiers–and the industry–tragically misunderstand our differences.

These differences have nothing to do with our bodies, with our centers of gravity, with our strength. They have to do with our souls, our minds, and our values. They have to do with why we ski and snowboard, not how.

We ski and ride to feed our hearts with confidence and our souls with accomplishment. We ride to commune with the mountain and to connect with our community. With each run, we shed our inhibitions, drop our burdens, and strengthen our convictions. We come off the slopes enlightened and unencumbered. 

The WHY is rooted in our core values. And our Community Care Sale is too.

Belonging. You deserve to be here and to show up as your full self, not having to posture or pretend to fit in. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an expert, wearing the latest high-tech gear or that second-hand find you scored, there’s a place for you at Coalition and a place for you in snowsports. We take up space and we won’t apologize for it.

Unwavering Self Worth. We know our value and we refuse to be an afterthought. We don’t take shit. We deserve the best equipment to elevate our experiences and a community rooted in compassion and camaraderie to keep us moving up and down the mountain. 

Authentic Elevation. Skiing IS fun, and we don’t have to leave parts of ourselves behind to enjoy it. We aren’t afraid to share our visions for justice and equity in the lift line, plan our next moves to tackle oppression and the patriarchy on the chair lift and skin track, and find fellow partners in crime at après.

Accountability. We acknowledge our privilege and strive to make this world–and this industry–a better place for everyone with it. We are grateful for the opportunity to recreate on the land. We hold ourselves to the highest standards, and when we fall, we get back up with grace and dignity.

Community. We are stronger together. Our relationships transcend our time on the mountain. We are connected through our commitment to collective liberation. We love friends on a powder day.

Our Community Care Sale is an embodiment of the core values that define us. It's a celebration of who we are and what we stand for. It's an invitation to you to embrace your full, authentic self as you find joy in the mountains. Together we’ll prove that different is not a deficit. 

PC: Lisa Slagle


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