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Inspirational Snow Sports Films To Get You Pumped For The Winter

Inspirational Snow Sports Films To Get You Pumped For The Winter

An important (and V fun) part of getting ready for the ski season is lining up your favorite snow sports films that get you stoked and inspired for winter. To get the excitement going over at Coalition Snow we asked our Coalition Snow Athlete & Ambassador team what inspirational films they’re watching this season to create the ultimate inspirational snow sports film list. These films celebrate women in snow sports, diversity in the outdoors and snow sports, the Native lands we ski on, and more. 

Edge of the Earth Episode 1 into the Void

Why? “Awe-inspiring dedication and athleticism. They show respect for traveling on Native Lands. Exceptional cinematography.” - Jillian, Ambassador


The Chairlift

Why? “Being a solo rider, I always take advantage to chat with people on the chairlift. For years I rode during the week because of my work schedule. I would hear many stories from all the retired people that were also riding/skiing during the week to avoid crowds. Most of them over 60, happy and enjoying the mountain almost every day.” - Heidi, Ambassador 

Rogue Elements

Why? “This combines my two favorite things skiing and biking. The beginning of ski season is bittersweet as we welcome snowy white winter landscapes and say goodbye to summer adventures. It celebrates creativity and the pursuit of the outdoor athlete.” - Hannah, Ambassador

A Land Shaped By Women

Why? “I loved that Anne-Flore and Aline used snowboarding and surfing as a platform to describe the feminist history of Iceland. Seeing these women riding in this awesome landscape and interviewing some of the women who were born into this empowered culture was epic.” - Clancy, Ambassador  

Pretty Faces

Why? “I love this film because it is so empowering to watch a community of women adventure and ski big lines together and support and push each other in such holistic ways!” - Ceci, Ambassador 

The Uninvited & The Uninvited II

Why? “All women's snowboard films with amazing park and urban jibby riding. I also love this film because I've met a few of these women at BTBounds Snowboard Camps and being able to see them on film is so inspiring.” - Coral, Ambassador  


Why “I haven't seen this yet, but I'm super pumped to watch it. It's produced and directed by women, as well as focused on women and their stories. I've met Michelle Parker a few times and she is an amazing human and badass skier, so I always look forward to her work. Seeing Brooklyn Bell ski is also very fun and inspiring.”  - Coral, Ambassador 

Stand And Deliver (Mack Dawg Films, 2001)

Why? “I'm old, and will always have a soft spot for the OG Mack Dawg films. I love the music and watching Tara Dakides huck really inspired me when I was first getting into snowboarding. She still inspires me and this movie has the right mix of nostalgia and amp to get me stoked for each snowboard season.” - Coral, Ambassador  


The Approach

Why? “For me in particular, The Approach is so inspiring because it's the first time I have seen myself represented in the industry. I find this film particularly inspiring because it is epic, the lines in Alaska are SO beautiful but it also doesn't shy away from the lack of inclusion in the sport. It does a good job of celebrating diversity while being real about the experience.”  - Jacinta, Team Manager 

Thanks for reading, we hope these films inspire you and get you excited for the winter. And once you've watched them all, we also wrote a blog on snow sports films aimed at diversifying the mountain which you can check out here


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