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Sister Sage: Love

Sister Sage: Love

There's not a better way to ring in the new year than setting your intentions for the next year and in this case the next decade. We turned to our team of Ambassadors & Athletes to help us create Sister Sage, a weekly roundup of advice and insights into what we learned in the past decade (because no one wants to go through that shit again.) In week two, we're looking at love. 

Lynne Schmidt @lynn_e_schmidt: It's important to remember that there are many types of love: familial, romantic, sibling, friend, pet. We don't need just one type to make us complete; we are complete on our own. Love should complement, not complete.

Coral Taylor @c_ros: Listen to your gut—if your romantic relationship does not fill you up and make you happy the majority of the time, change it or leave it. Love up on yourself. You need to love yourself wholly and unconditionally.

Pia Yarnell @_pia.camille_: Date your ski buddy. 10/10 would recommend.

Lexie Gritlefeld @weekend.roamer: Do not give up who you are to please someone else. Sure, we all make sacrifices for the ones we love, but you do you. Relationships are all about balance and maintaining your own self-care. This also goes for your partner. Do not try to change them or force them to like skiing or snowboarding. If it's not meant to be, it is not meant to be.

Madi McKinstry @tele_madi: Love will find you in the weirdest ways. It's ok to open yourself up to something new if your gut is telling you it's safe but your mind is telling you you're just not ready. The universe will give you signs, but you have to be open to them and willing to act on them.

Jess Horan @jess_livin3: Give yourself the unconditional love you are wanting from your partner and everyone around you.

Robyn Goldsmith @scenesfromthetrail: Don't put love on a pedestal—it’s not a sentiment you need to reserve for your partner and family. Tell your friends you love them. They'll appreciate it, and chances are they'll say it right back.

Jennifer Ward @snoflake96156: Finding love, being in love, and staying in love is hard work. Don't expect to be happy ALL the time; we're human and other emotions other than love is a part of life. Embrace it.

Stacey Kennedy @snowboardbums: When people tell you that a relationship is work, they're not kidding! I always assumed the right relationship would just click into place. In some ways it absolutely has, but more often than not it's been about learning to compromise. I've worked harder on my marriage than anything else in my life. The work we've put into this relationship together over 12 years has paid off more than I ever could have fathomed. It's been worth every trial we've been through or is still to come. Just remember that the work never ends.

Heidi Hoang @hoang.heidi: You can't force someone to love you.

Nancy Swick @high__tide: Love as much as you can, but remember that your love is not limitless. Find your boundaries and welcome others who respect them, especially those that put in work to show their love. Some struggle to express their love, so learn about love languages and start a conversation about it. Strive to share your limited love in meaningful ways to people who DESERVE it. If they don't deserve it, do you really have time for that? Remember that loving yourself first will make your love more unlimited.


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