• We're Still Not Done Advocating For Inclusive Sizing | FemiGnarly

    Plus size social media influencer Marielle Williams penned a piece for The Cut, “Apparently, I’m Too Fat to Ski.” My response was, “homegirl, preach” since my work experience in women’s apparel has made it painfully obvious when brands are biased against plus size potential customers. (If you haven’t read the low down of the differences and slight challenges between straight sizes and plus sizes, hit it up here first). But the ski community’s take on the piece was a little less supportive – not outright mean, but served with a heavy-handed dismissiveness.
  • Skiing on Indigenous Lands

    In snowsport, we engage with indigenous lands and culture almost every day. Instead of saying “I snowboard at Sierra,” it’s time to say “I snowboard on the stolen lands of the Washoe people,” - see the difference? Many ski resorts around the world, from the US to Canada and Japan, are built on stolen indigenous lands with little recognition of the indigenous communities that the lands belong to.
  • Winter Wellness: Top Tips For Self-Care In SnowSports

    In snowsport, it is easy to assume because we are doing exercise, out in the mountains, and having a whole load of fun that we are practicing mindfulness in snowsports. But there’s more to it than that. Snowsports can be scary, exhausting, trying on the body, and ultimately adrenaline-inducing - and truth be told, perhaps that’s why we all like it so much. However, without mindfulness throughout winter sport, you might find yourself with a one-way ticket to injury and burning out. So fear not, here are our self-care top tips for snowsports enthusiasts.