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Winter Foot Care: Tips For Winter Foot Problems During The Ski Season

Winter Foot Care: Tips For Winter Foot Problems During The Ski Season

Winter is upon us, which means all the faves—skiing, snowboarding, touring, snowshoeing, and unfortunately… winter foot problems. Every winter we find ourselves wondering about the best ways to keep our feet warm in winter, how to deal with ingrown toenails in winter, ways to take care of an unwanted case of athlete's foot while skiing, and so many other foot unpleasantries that come alongside the ski season. Winter foot care is vital to a good season, so here are our top tips for winter foot care to help you have a fun-filled season and not a fungus-filled one. 

How To Keep Your Feet Warm In Winter 

One of the most common foot problems faced in snow sports is cold toes and feet. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, we all face this problem. First things first, there might actually be a problem with how you’re getting ready for the mountain. Did you know thinner socks are better than thicker ones in keeping your feet warm? It allows more room for heat to circulate. You should also check the fit of your boots and whether you are due for a liner update. 

Still cold? One of the simplest solutions is to purchase foot/hand warmers. I find the peel-and-stick ones on top of the foot keep my feet warm without disturbing my feet too much (though not everyone would agree). If you’re interested check out some eco-friendly hand-warming options here. So, if you’re one of those people you might think about investing in heated boots or heated socks. Since not all boots come heated, you may want to opt for heated socks. Though expensive, we’ve never met anyone who has regretted a pair of these. Especially if you are out on the mountain often. Check out these quality sock options from Outdoor Divas and Gear Coop

How Skiers Take Care Of Athlete's Foot 

Athletes' foot, perhaps one of the most embarrassing of all the winter feet problems, is practically unavoidable, and rest assured happens to everyone at some point. Prevention is a great starting point. Keeping your feet clean, so washing them when you get home from the mountain can do wonders. Also, things like investing in good socks that breathe and keep your feet dry or wearing shower shoes in the après sauna or onsen will all help make sure you don’t come in contact with the fungus. If you do, treat it right away, keep it clean and make sure you invest in some good quality socks to help keep your feet clean, dry, warm, and Athlete foot free. 

Preventing and Treating Blisters In The Winter 

Prevention does start with good quality socks and the right fitting boots. If you are a skier prone to blisters and sores you can also try products that help prevent chafing/blisters like body glide, on the sensitive spots before heading out. This is a pro tip that works. Another idea is using blister plasters—these also work well if you already have blisters. Also, make sure not to layer socks and stay away from ribbed or cotton socks—you can thank us later. Overall, keeping your feet dry, clean, and warm to prevent blisters in winter is the best practice. 

Ingrown/Damaged toenails

Good toenail maintenance can help with ingrown and damaged nails. In the winter months, it’s common to forget this as toes are just generally less displayed than in the summer months. Making sure you cut your toenails regularly and ensuring you cut straight across the top will keep them from digging into your skin. Also, keeping them clean and dry will help make them more manageable. With damaged toenails, the prior advice stands, and even if you get one usually they’ll grow out on their own. 

Thanks for reading, we hope these tips on winter foot care are useful and help you and your feet have a great season. If you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’d love to hear from you. Be sure to check out our other top tips such as our blogs on Winter Wellness Self-Care Tips and Safety Tips For Solo Adventures.



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