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winter wellness

Winter Wellness: Top Tips For Self-Care In SnowSports

Wellness and self-care are everywhere these days, but what do they really mean? And how can we implement them into our daily lives? In snowsports, it is easy to assume because we are doing exercise, out in the mountains, and having a whole load of fun that we are practicing mindfulness in snowsports. But there’s more to it than that. Snowsports can be scary, exhausting, trying on the body, and ultimately adrenaline-inducing - and truth be told, perhaps that’s why we all like it so much. However, without mindfulness throughout winter sport, you might find yourself with a one-way ticket to injury and burning out. 

So fear not, here are our self-care top tips for snowsports enthusiasts.

A Morning Stretch-out 

First things first, to start your day off right before riding, we suggest getting into your most comfortable yoga gear and doing some sort of pre-ski morning stretch. There are tons of benefits to stretching before heading out riding, such as, injury prevention and increased blood flow and oxygen to your muscles which enhances performance. We love yoga as it promotes mindfulness and intention setting going into your day, which is especially helpful before riding new terrain or on more difficult days. 

You can incorporate stretching exercises into your daily routine by setting a specific time of the day. For instance, you can do some stretches once you get up in the morning and before retiring at night. This way, your muscles are always ready for your favorite snowsports activities with superior endurance and strength.

Maintain Your Gear

While this sounds like more work, which is the last thing you’ll probably want on your self-care routine, hear us out first. Ensuring that all your snowsport gear items are in tip-top shape will help you avoid two things: avoidable injuries and unnecessary body pain. What’s more, it’ll help you perform your best!

So, if you’ve been using your snowboard, ski, and boots for quite some time now, remember to give them some TLC. Don’t forget to include all the accessories you have like step on bindings, leashes, helmets, goggles, etc. 

Wipe them clean after every use—don’t let snow and dirt sit on them too long. Regularly check for loose or damaged parts. Keep in mind that having the right gear that’s also properly maintained makes snowsports not only safer but also even more enjoyable.

Take A Break When You Need It

Cannot stress this enough! We have a collective mission of shredding the patriarchy, right? Well, that means getting rid of toxic masculinity in snowsports. So not listening to your body and pushing yourself to the point of exhaustion? Hate to break it to you, but that’s toxic masculinity thriving. So how do we negate this? Simple: Listen. To. Your. Body. Taking a break when you need it shows strength - not weakness. So, take the day - do another sport, bake, see a friend, call your family, journal, do more yoga or stay in bed all day and make use of the Après Delight on your bedside table. There’s no right or wrong here, just take breaks when you need them. You’ll be that much more ready to shred the next time you're on the mountain! 

Post-Shred Care

After a gnarly day of shredding pow, it’s easy to finish off with beer - without a second thought. And in fairness, when you need to blow off some steam and get dressed in your best après ski outfit - do it, and have fun! However, sometimes it’s also important to recognize that your body just did a big thing and needs some good ol’ love and rest. Whether that’s a recovery protein shake, après-ski yoga, heat therapy, journaling, or meditation, it’s always important to finish off a day of shredding with a bit of winter wellness.

The Clubhouse & Coalition Blog 

Being an unlikely rider in snowsports is hard. And by the term “unlikely rider” we literally, statistically, mean anything other than an able-bodied, cis-white-male. Thus, having a community is very important. That’s why we’ve created the coalition clubhouse to introduce you to a supportive community, and the coalition blog to help educate and share resources about diversity within the sport we all love. So, whenever you require some empowerment and community, look no further than these great resources. 

You can also find other helpful sources online, such as video blogs and tutorials from the websites of seasoned snowsports athletes. Social media groups intended for snowsports lovers are also helpful. Keep updated with the latest snowsports trends and news about snowboarding, skiing, figure skating, speed skating, bobsleigh, and snowmobiling.

Snowsport Films & Edits 

Ski/Snowboard films are some of the best ways to get stoked and remember why you love the sport. They aren’t just entertaining though, they can also be informative and work to diversify the mountain. These days the lens of ski/snowboard edits and films is changing, it’s including more women, people of color, and adaptive riders than ever before. Watching films such as AscendThe Approach, and Facets - all films about diversity in snowsport - are great ways to learn more about how you can work at being more inclusive as well as feel more included on the mountain. Grabs some snacks, get cozy and look no further than our our list of snowsports films that take an intersectional lens, here



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