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Diversify Your Feed: Discovering Underrepresented Riders


Do you want to decolonize and diversify your Instagram feed? Are you into snowsports? If you answered yes, you are in the right place! Continue reading to discover more about our favorite accounts diversifying the ski and snowboard world one post at a time.


Coalition Snow has a dream of moving towards a more diverse and open community on every mountain. The movement to diversify snowsport and create a safer community is a big part of our mission and we want to help YOU dive in too. In 2021, and the wake of all things social media, what better way to start than by “diversifying your Instagram feed,” to learn more about the people on Instagram using their platforms to diversify the mountain. Diversity in winter sports, especially in the ski and snowboard community is a relatively new conversation. The mountain itself definitely lacks diversity and inclusion so the conversations just don’t seem to be happening at the same rate as the outside world. When it comes to winter sport and the intersections between race, ability, financial stability, or gender diversity there is little information available; and what we do know sucks. So, how diverse is snowsport?

So what does this mean? The mountain is still not an accessible place unless you happen to be a cis, straight, white, able-bodied, financially stable, male... However, for those of us who aren’t that, there is hope yet. While the world of snowsports has many systematic issues to overcome, there’s simultaneously so much room for change. Using Instagram as a tool to learn is a simple yet effective way to start understanding the disparities within the winter sports community. Better yet, diversifying your feed will expose you to all the people involved in skiing and snowboarding that are often underrepresented in mainstream snowsport media. So, without further adieu: here are our top 4 Instagram pages doing their part to #shredthepatriarchy...


Unlikely Riders

Unlikely Riders was developed in the occupied lands of the Abenaki People to create a community for riders who are minorities on the mountain. For example, riders who are POC, LGBTQ+, have a disability, or perhaps who fall into many intersecting minority groups are all people that seem like “unlikely riders,” on the mountain. As the ski/snowboard community is still not a very diverse one, Unlikely Riders is such an important resource for building community and breaking down barriers within these sports. Their goal is to create a safe space and community by organizing meetups and events for unlikely riders on the mountain! We love this because it helps people who, at times feel alone and misunderstood on the mountain, find a safe and understanding community. 

Check out their Instagram here


Skiing Is Racist (snowboarding is racist too)

Skiing Is Racist - founded by two BIPOC women in the industry - is both a resource and outlet for POC who ski and snowboard. They provide a platform to anonymously share stories and experiences of racism to expose the racist behavior that is still extremely prominent within this community and industry. POC have little or no outlets for these traumas and experiences so this platform is important for folx of color to feel heard. It’s also a great place for everyone else to learn and listen. On top of this, they also provide some great resources like scholarships, educational materials, petitions, and articles about development in the industry!

Check out their Instagram here


Women of Winter

Women of Winter aims to uplift and promote adventurous and daring women in winter sports. Founded in Big Sky, Montana, their mission is to create a more inclusive space within winter sports, particularly for women. They have excellent resources like scholarships that they offer to get more women in the outdoors. What’s especially cool about their scholarships is that they are not only offering entry-level opportunities. They believe that women can do more than join the outdoor world - they can also lead it! Women of Winter have scholarships to get women more involved in the industry through avenues like instructor courses, and avalanche safety courses. Women of Winter is an especially great resource for women involved in the industry looking for opportunities to progress!

Check out their Instagram here


Elevated Locals

Elevated Locals, last but certainly not least. A group of content creators who focus on snowsports and street art. Cool right? Well, they get cooler. Their concept is to tell the forever disappearing tales of the lines we make in the snow and on the streets. Their goal is to literally elevate locals, and tell their stories. They are a group stretching and traveling the nation, from east to west; they want to ride with you, collaborate with you, and document you. Put simply they share and document the stories of the awesome and unique people on the mountain and on the streets. Check them out, Elevated Locals will surely diversify your feed and your mind. 

Check out their Instagram here



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